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5/26/2006 7:05 pm

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Realized today, that I had not put anything in here for a while.....sheesh I am slipping....ROFL. Have been very busy, and that is a good thing. Keeps the old wheel from spinning too fast.

Have had a lot on My mind for the past couple of weeks. It is interesting how your mind can play tricks on you. Or even better, take things that normally you would not worry about, and make them in to catastrophic events. Your blood pressure goes up, you know you are going to have a panic attack....and it is all over nothing...ROFLMAO. Why do we let ourselves do this. Maybe a question that has no answer....(imagine me asking one of those....LMAO!)

I think that we just see things in too many forms, or see to many answers to questions. Instead of just relaxing and saying to ourselves...."Self, take a freaking break!", ......we just go off half cocked. Am going to try hard to stop doing that. To look at an issue or problem for what it is. Will let you know how it goes......

Thought of the day:

Ride the rollacoaster of only hurts when you try to get off!!!!

absolutelynormal 57F
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5/27/2006 11:28 am

I have the tendency to build mountains out of molehills too. I think that people tend to think that if they worry about something they are "helping" in some way. In truth worrying about something doesn't do a thing except cause us grief. Thinking about a problem and fidning a solution is different from worrying. Worrying is ruminating over the same problem again and again without trying to find a solution. This is usually when we feel helpless about something. Anyway, nice posts

Helper874 replies on 5/27/2006 12:50 pm:
Am glad you liked it. Hope You are having a good day....LOL...I am so bored.....ROFLMAO!!!!

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