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4/10/2006 7:31 am

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How come we get so attached to certain people. It is like we are drawn to them. The old elemental forces in the universe doing there thing type attachment. What is more amazing is how come these "relationships" get build, without really knowing the other person. It is like we just can't stand to be alone, so jump into things at full force.

I have watched so many friends over the past several months just jump into relationships. I sit back and analyze what they are getting into, and I have to shake my head. Looking at it from the outside, you can tell there is not a lot there. Either they are too different, to alike, just plain wrong for each other, or things like that. But yet from being on the other end of the spectrum, I can see why we are completely blinded when we are in those relationships. We do not want to see what everyone else sees. We just want to see what we think is there.

So we all go through life, from one relationship to another, hoping to find the one that will bring us the peace and tranquility we were looking for. Some find it, some choose to be very careful when they look. Others go blindly into the world.....and you know what, they seem to be the luckiest of all....LOL.

So why do we do it, why are we just not content. Why do we look for more. I guess it is just those elemental forces doing their thing.

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4/10/2006 4:51 pm

I don't think there is someoen that can "make" us happy. each individual is responsible for their own happiness and sometimes it's a choice. Many times I am discontent when really there is nothing wrong. I am reasonably healthy. I love my kids, they love me. Job is subpar but at lest I have one. I can pay my bills and have a place to live and a car that works. I miss being in a relationship but, as long as I am drawn to men who are bad for me, I might as well not have one. As the saying goes, I can do bad all by myself. Mac

Helper874 46M

4/10/2006 7:25 pm

So very true, and very well put.

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