Watkins Park  

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Watkins Park

"Yes baby?"
"You ever thought about what you wanted out of life?"
They walked slowly through the park, hand in hand.
It was one of those days ready made for wandering aimlessly.
They came to the big oak tree that the park was built around.
He hoisted himself up onto the lowest branch then offered his hand. She took it and he pulled her up beside him. They stared out into the moment for a bit.
"Everyone thinks about what they want out of life eventually I would imagine." she said as slid her arm inside his, giggling slightly as she teetered on the precarious perch of the limb.
"Just most people aren't very serious about it."
His eyes never left the distance as he locked her arm inside his.
"I think no matter how much you think about it you can't really stop it from just happening." he replied.
"True, it takes a strong will to build a dream then put yourself inside it, she said. I'm not sure I've ever been that strong."
"What about you baby? You're not getting off that easy."
He laughed and turned to face her. He impulsively moved a strand of hair from her eyes.
"Truthfully I've never given it much thought. I don't know why the question even occurred to me. It just seemed like one of those moments you know."
She laughed and in his mind her laughter competed with the breeze,two different parts of the same melody.
"Wow you have a deep and thoughtful way of avoiding random existential questions.it just seemed like one of those moments?"
She laughed. "Gimme a break."
"Okay then I'm just like you. I've never been able to put myself inside a dream. I'm not that strong."
"But, he looked at her sideways, that teasing way she always found so breathless. I'm working on it."

He lit a cigarette and they continued to stare out beyond the canopy of leaves that cloaked the oak. She took the cigarette from his lips, took two quick drags from it and flicked it onto the sidewalk below.
"We both really need to give up that habit, she said. Its really not good for us.
"You know we have litter laws don't you? That's a 25 dollar fine."
"Yes I know but no one saw me but you."
"I could make a citizens arrest?"
"Yes but you won't."
"What? I'm a man without moral integrity now?"
"No you are a man that can't resist my feminine charms."
He laughed. "So you're bribing me now huh?"
She giggled and there was that melody again.
"You know what Katie?"
"What baby?"
He looked around at the leaves that surrounded them.
"Sometimes all I want out of life is shelter."
She drew a little closer, clutched his arm a little tighter in her own.
"I hear you babe."

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