The Ghost Of Beautiful  

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1/27/2006 5:01 am

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The Ghost Of Beautiful

...What if I said you were beautiful
And I wanted to touch my lips softly to yours just once
To see what it was like
To be engulfed by you
To be a dream in your head
So lost in the beautiful way you smile
If you'd only smile at me
...What if I told you I was a blind man
And I wanted to sit on the hill with you
Lost in your eyes
So that I may see
The world the way you see it
Plunged deep into your soul
So that I may feel everything you feel
So lost in the beautiful way you touch me
If you would only touch me
...What if I told you that I was a poor man
And these words would be all I could ever offer
Would you know the value of them
Would you see my heart
My very soul
In every letter
And would you understand
That all the gold couldn't buy them
I would only want to give them away
So lost in the beautiful way you seduce my soul
If you would only seduce my soul

The cowboy bar is packed except for the area with the pool tables.
You're standing there with a Corona in one hand and a pool cue in the other. You're listlessly taking on all comers on the middle table because theres a decided lack of competition. You're waiting for the next victim to rack em when a flash of silken red catches your glance. Your gaze travels along the flash to a black thats just a little bit lighter than the dark. Its her hair and it almost hides her face. Your eyes get tangle up in hers for a moment. Your nervous smile brushes up against hers as she passes and a vague feeling starts gnawing at you. You know that feeling you get when you just might have passed up the chance of a lifetime. The victim is through racking the balls and he's waiting for the break. The moment passes. The feeling tdoesn't though. It hangs around to haunt you for a couple years or so.

It would be a shame if she were to stumble across this someday and not be able to read what she inspired.
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