Sell Me Something  

HeavensDrkSide 55M
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3/26/2006 4:30 am
Sell Me Something

I was watching the leaves grow today
Something I do every spring
When I get bored
From all the contemplating
When no blood is spilled
Except that of the victims
Back when beautiful once meant something
Now its a term used
To describe sluts selling soda
Maybe I grew up too slowly
But its catching up to me now
I'm finally acting my age
Because its acceptable now
To be lost in perpetual adolescence
I knew I'd be cool one day
If I just hung in there being myself
Too bad it came at the end
Not of time
But the time left for this place
The only good thing about the future of the planet
Is that I won't be in it
I'll be long dead and buried
And I'll miss all the fun
All the madness
Thats just taking shape
I'll really hate it
When I miss it
So you better tape it
Send it to me
I'll be in a place
Where beautiful is really beautiful again
And soda will sell itself
On its own merits

You've been watching this stupid show all night.
Slowly but surely being sucked in until you just gotta know what happens. Then the last 30 minutes comes and the commercial bombardment begins. One after the other in a dizzying array. Halle Berry selling makeup. Britny selling Pepsi. I hate network TV.

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