Orange Julius  

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3/15/2006 5:52 am
Orange Julius

Katie was pouting. She is so beautiful when she pouts. Her lips have a little quiver to them and it seems as though her eyes get just a little more dewey, a little bigger.

The mall is crowded today as they meander around. She hasn't let go of his hand since they walked through the door. It's a natural act now. She never fails to reach for his hand when they are together now. He never refuses to take it. Its like breathing.
You never notice its there but take it away and you're gasping for air.

"You didn't see that movie, she said. How could you have not seen that movie? It was so good."
"It must have slipped just under my good movie radar," he said with a teasing smile."I know, its equipped with stealth technology and my good movie radar systems are obsolete."
She punched him playfully in the arm as he noticed from the corner of his eye a man staring at her. He didn't blame the man because she was stunning. The irony of this though is that she didn't even realize it.
"Hey buddy, the camera store is just around the corner. If you go in and buy a Kodak and film the lovely Katie will be more than happy to pose for pictures for you."
She buried her face in his shoulder as he laughed at the mans reaction. The man moved on but not before he took one surreptitious glance back.
"Play with me, she said. Just follow my lead."
She surveyed the crowd, searching each face until she finally settled on one as she directed his attention to the one she had selected.
"She looks like a woman that would dress a dog in a sweater when she took him for a walk," she said.
"Oh come on, he said. I know lots of people that would dress a dog in a sweater, I think it's silly mind you but they still do it. Too easy."
"Dogs get cold too baby."
"Yeah I know. Thats why they have that fur."
They sat on a bench, right in front of the fountain that all malls seem to have but for the life of it no one knows why.
"Your turn," she said.
"Okay I'll try to find someone more interesting than a closet dog dresser."
He loved to hear her laugh. Thats why he tried constantly to make her do so.
He scanned the faces as they passed until he settled on a man who walked like he might have had a purpose in life.
"He looks like a man who can balance his checkbook down to the last cent," he said as he looked around at her.
"Yes but thats boring."
"Do you realize how hard it is to balance a checkbook down to the last cent. Theres always a missing cent or an extra cent or no cents at all.
"Exactly, she replied. No sense at all."
She laughed as he bit her on the cheek. "Hey what was that for?"
She was good at feigning innocence.
"Remember," he said as he licked his lips. Damn she always tasted so good. "A play on words is not always so clever you know."
"It's your turn."
She eyed the people for several moments as they passed until a woman hurried by dressed in what could only be described as exercise clothes for the woman who adored her body. Katie sniffed.
"She looks like a woman obsessed with exercise."
"I agree, he said. What gave her away?"
"Hey eyes front and center buddy." She laughed as she grabbed him by the ear and turned him toward her. Their eyes met. Funny how two sets of eyes can melt into one pool if they look into each other just right. It was then that he noticed that she had been holding his hand the entire time. The comfort of it was almost scary. She held his eyes and its strange how she can look at him in such a way that the rest of the world just disappeared.
"She looks like a woman that a man would die for. He might cross three oceans and two continents to be by her side. He might write corny poems and drippy love songs and he just might be totally intoxicated by her presence and maybe even totally unable to breath when she looks at him in a certain way."
There it was again. She laughed as she lowered her eyes for a brief moment then she looked back up.
"He looks like a man that would buy a woman an Orange Julius if she pouted just right or if she looked at him in a certain way."
He arose from the bench pulling her up with him.
"You like Orange Julius too?" "I knew I'd love you right from the start."
They meandered on, still not noticing that they were holding each other’s hand. So comfortable that it wasn't quite so scary anymore.

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