My Cat And I Find God  

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1/6/2006 5:34 am

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My Cat And I Find God

I sat on the stoop as the cat rubbed against my leg meowing as if I hadn't just fed it ...the ungrateful little the smoke
from my cigarette drifted away in the darkness...the night convulsed as if to say ...hey you need to put that thing out...and I told
the night if you think its bad should be on this end of the night sounds grew wafting in and out of my
consciousness....a silent cacophony....a quiet a coyote howled at the moon as if it knew I sat alone in the night and
just wanted the company as each star winked suggestively as if to say try to reach me
The moon queen of all it surveys as the trees dance in its bidding wind like shattered slow motion as I walk the road....the cat
paddind along softly beside me like its ancestors on the hunt.....the frogs singing to the frogs.....the lightning bugs adding
ambience to the symphony....a cheap underground rave....with the whirring clicking distraction like eurotrash dance music...I
feel it as the wind shifts to a breeze and the trees sway softly now as if the tone is changed and its ladies night in
Sausalito.....And the breeze gently embraces me.... Kissing tears to my cheeks as the cat stops...sitting ...staring off into the
distance with a thousand yard stare
As the night gathers closer....embracing all who dare...and nature calls all those who would stop and notice.....the shadows hide
all sorts of amusing things as I stop....looking down at the cat and wonder to myself....Does God ever question the wisdom of
creating something so beautiful for a species so undeserving and you have to wonder about his motives....and you have to say
to yourself.....he's not selfish.....only a superior being would be so kind as to share a night like I crush out the
cigarette...and the cat meows again....the coyote is joined by its pack longer alone...calling me to join them in a frolic
by the dawns dim lamp....I turn....the road illuminated by the moon as if to say...follow me home as the cat pads beside me
once longer curious ...and I let this ghost of beautiful haunt my soul....and the night closes up around me....and
escorts me on my way

How was my vacation you ask?

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