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HeavenlyAndrea 26F
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12/30/2006 9:35 pm

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1/2/2007 10:02 am

Simply Heaven

Hi everyone,

I was looking through peoples profiles today and saw that basically everyone had a blog, so thought it only right that I should spend the time creating one. I sat for quite a while considering what my blog should be about, however nothing came to mind so instead I thought the following would be amusing. If anyone can answer the following question without cheating then I will add a topless pic of myself to my profile:

Name the trigger effect of World War One

Good Luck

EDIT: I thought you might have some trouble with that question at least, I tried to make it easy but not that easy : ) Now you will have to write me an essay on the repercussions of the wall street stock market crash hehe, I have added the pic to my profile, I am not telling you what you will get if you send me the essay

Andrea xxx

rm_buztac 50M
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12/31/2006 2:05 am

Welcome to Blogland. The trigger effect of WW1, I believe it was the assassination of that Austrian Archduke.
Happy Blogging.

Buz x

rm_junglistuk 33M
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12/31/2006 9:57 am

Welcome! Yes the trigger effect of world war one was the assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo by Serbians, leading Austro Hungary to take action against them!

Lookin forward to seeing that topless pic!

Paul x

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1/1/2007 9:47 am

He dort HeavenlyAndrea! The trigger effect of world war one was not the murder of Franz Ferdinand. It was the russian army's mobilization which brought into play the network of European alliances, this turned a local war between Serbia and the Hapsburg Empire in to a world war! Just done a degree in european political history,hope thats not cheating!!

Tschuess für jetzt!
Alex x.


1/1/2007 11:35 am

Im happy to get to know you topless picture or no topless.Im more interested in what prompted you to choose that question to ask.Your not a psychology major are you?


ps.I cant see profiles anyway being standard so am

HeavenlyAndrea 26F
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1/1/2007 10:01 pm

I thought you might have some trouble with that question at least, I tried to make it easy but not that easy : ) Now you will have to write me an essay on the repercussions of the wall street stock market crash hehe, I have added the pic to my profile, I am not telling you what you will get if you send me the essay

Andrea xxx


1/3/2007 4:40 am

Two questions here.Petballs was that a previously written essay,did you google it, or were you sad enough to actually write it.

Second question to HeavenlyAndrea who are you really.The profile youve written doesnt match with the pictures.If it is you I apologise but if it isnt which lots of us strongly suspect just be yourself.Noone will think any the less of you.Whatever you look like.


1/3/2007 12:23 pm

I would say concisely that the depression caused a world war two by causing a worldwide recession which enabled Hitler to get himself to power by blaming Germany's downfall on everyone else. I don't think saying this is going to help me get in your pants though Heavenly which I would very much like to do Take care x

allyours806251 54M  
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1/3/2007 11:27 pm

Hun sorry that question is outside my remit,good one though.
So Heavenly_Andrea.................
Take Care


1/4/2007 4:21 am

LOL petballs I meant Andrea re the that a guilty conscience?


2/2/2007 7:07 pm

ha ha ha...Was the assination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria i think....oh and the fact that Hitler was mental.


2/3/2007 2:56 pm

Franz Ferdinand was assinated... the sad thing is the reason I know this is because of the band with the same name!


8/12/2007 9:26 pm

you crazy girl.... nearly as mad as me xx lol xxx

rm_picknmix07 54M

8/20/2007 5:37 am

Interesting - and comprehensive - answer from Petballs (though possibly better on description than analysis or argument.

Sadly Andrea hasn't updated this blog in response to your effort (though we live in hope), but I can't help thinking that today a much more germane essay question might be "Discuss the repercussions of the Wall Street stock market crash with respect to the state of the US economy and banking sector in August 2007, and consider implications for future developments."

Adopt the brace position everybody, we're headed for a crash!

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9/2/2007 10:59 am

Here is where PetBall got his answer from: haha. But anyway, its normal you looked for an answer on the internet.

Anyway, given that you like history questions, I will ask one with a harder answer than just tapping "Great Depression" on the internet. Two questions:
1. What has been the biggest empire in history?
2. Where does the word "guerrilla" come from?

And now HeavenlyAngela, what would you do if anyone answered these two questions?????????

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9/2/2007 11:00 am

By the way, the second question should be: in which conflict did the word guerrilla originated? Ciao

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9/8/2007 1:45 am

The term "Guerrilla" originates from the Spanish forces which fought the French occupation during the Napoleonic war. They were highly effective and even coordinated their efforts with Wellington's Peninsular British Army. However, they were utterly ruthless in their methods. For further reading, "Death to the French" by C.S Forester (both historically accurate and a great adventure story).

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9/10/2007 11:47 am

Well done Scotsman!! What about the first question? Heavenlyblabla said the guy/woman who answered would get a surprise.

rm_colin1986 32M

9/20/2007 9:44 pm

The Assasination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand... By Gavrillo Princip (I think in Sarajevo).... Sorry about the spelling am Dyslexic


9/23/2007 12:58 am

that really cought ther attention,girl ur really fit and from my town

999966691 55M

10/1/2007 4:05 pm


doyouplaypoker 39M
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10/10/2007 1:15 pm

A bloke called Arcie shot as ostrich because he was hungry.

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12/3/2008 6:30 pm

I think you'll find the war started because of the vile Hun and his villainous empire building.. or was it because it was simply too much effort not to have a war.. by gum i always loved history..!

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