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promised story

all characters in this story are fictional unfortunatly, if your not 18 or are easily offended beastiality then read no more! (if your under 18 get he hell off the site)

Kevin walked past dog shop as he did every night. ever since he had gotten married and found out that his wife could not have kids he had wanted a dog. not the greatest replacement for kids but the closest he could think of that he could easily adopt. tonight was no different except that as he walked by a dog in the window caught his attention. a large mastif like dog was laying there all mopy looking. he stood there staring, the dog staring back at him with those sad looking eyes. saying to him adopt me please? the guy couldn't say no to those eyes. he pushed the door open and asked how much to adopt the dog. the clerk looked at him funny, "that dog you can have i was told by his old owner that he was a pain in the ass good for nothing dog. you'll probably bring him back in a day so take him off my hands for a bit. his names mojo. see you tomorrow" the clerk said. kevin was upset that the guy would say something that cruel, and it made him more determined to keep the dog.
when kevin got home Hailey was on the couch, wearing a tight teddy, she had been waiting for him to get home but know she was fast asleep laying on her back, legs wide open with nothing covering her shaved tight pussy. she let mojo off the chain and he went over to sniff her. sniffing everything, even stuffing his huge nose between her legs, she moaned and shifted a bit. keving was shocked to see the dog start licking hailey's pussy, the idea of his wife getting off on a dogs tongue was hot he thought. mojo just kept licking, long strokes like he was cleaning her. keving actually saw mojo's cock start slipping out of the sheath. his own cock was almoat rock hard, his pants were already open and he was sitting in the chair watching all this happen stroking his memeber. hailey was waking up slowly her fingers going to her stimulated clit while mojo kept licking his huge tongue going in deep she woke up with an orgasm that made her shake all over, still groggy she slowly came to realize that kevin was in the chair beside he and she had just cum in a dogs mouth. she covered herself before he continued licking. 'where did this guy come from?' she asked? "i got him from the pet center, isn;t he great?" kevins cock was still rock hard she eyed him 'were did he lern the trick he just played on me?" kevin just shrugged " i dont know, but i think it was hot. so hot that i want to see more, please honey dont you think it would be hot to fucked by a dog?' she looked at him like he had four heads but in her mind the idea was stimulating enough that she was hot all over again and looking at mojo's semi soft doggy cock made her want it even more ... more to cum later

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Amy was a country girl and big boned. Although she carried herself with style of royalty. Amy had shoulder length brown hair with blond streaks. She was 5'8" tall, 145 pounds, 38c bust, 34 waist and 38 hip. For a 28 year old she was in the prime of her life, living in a secluded country estate. Her husband Mike liked the idea of raising a large dog but didn't like the inbreed problems of a pure bred dog.
Mike was a lawyer and 5 years older than Amy. Money was no object to them as she was an accountant.
Mike had bought an English Mastiff named Rosey who was almost 30" tall and weighed just at 205 pounds. Mike had also bought Czar, an Irish Wolfhound who weighed 125 pounds ans was about 35" tall.
A year had passed with a litter from Rosey and Czar of 6 pups: Alpha (m), Beta (f), Charlie (m), Delta (f), Echo (f), Fredrick (m).
Amy was right in love with all the pups right from the start.
A year and a half later Mike was killed in his BMW on his way home one snowy night. Icy roads in Maine, go figure.
Now another year goes by and it's early summer with thunderstorms. Amy just out of the shower and in a light short white bathrobe listens and knows the flashing lightning and thunderous noise is getting closer together.
There is a tremendous flash of light and a loud crack as the lightning hits the garage which was turned into a kennel. Amy can see the sparks of fire on the front of the kennel in the upper corner.
Amy races out of the house, fly through the yard of mud into the kennel. She releases all the dogs from their kennels and herds them outdoors. Then she grabs a bucket, near the sink against the back wall, fills it with water to rush upstairs. throwing the water on the burning embers she repeats the process until all is over.
Exhausted Amy heads downstairs her robe trailing behind her. Somewhere in the commotion the belt got lost. Her proud breast heave with every breath. Water and sweat run down every inch of her body leaving gray and black streaks form the soot.
Outside Amy is greeted by all the Mastiffs crossbreeds and their parents. All the crossbreeds were now 2 years old and all weighed well over 130 pounds.
Fredrick was the first to walk up to Amy. His nose went right between her legs and started sniffing. A chill went through Amy that visibly made her shiver. She tried to push Fred away but in her exhausted state her efforts were fruitless. Amy went to back up but Alpha was behind her starting to attempt the same thing but from the rear. Lifting her leg Amy tried to step over the whelps but they moved in. In short order Amy slipped in the mud and was twisting in midair to land on all four her bathrobe clinging wet up around her shoulders.
Amy tried to rise but a heavy weight landed on her back. A tight vise like grip encircled her waist. Amy's exhausted mind and body did not comprehend at first what was happening. Amy felt the hot cock of Fredrick pound at her backside a couple of time before sliding harshly into her pussy. Amy tried repeatedly to rise up, but it was of no use, she felt the young whelps hot cum explode deep inside her.
Her mind was numb with what had happened as she felt the young whelp lift off her. Amy mind was reeling as she remained on all four.
Slowly her mind coming back to reality felt a warm tongue licking the spent juices from her. Amy shivered repeatedly as the tongue glided across her clitoris and up through the folds of her vagina. As if somebody had taken over control of her body she felt her legs moving apart.
It had been a long time since Amy had felt the thigh tingling orgasm that was about to come. But the tongue had stopped. Amy was about to move, coming back to reality, when she felt the weight of another and the familiar grip of paws around her waist.
In her mind she screamed "NO, NO, NO," but her body betrayed her. Her hips rocked back to meet the pounding assault from behind. Amy felt the orgasm rising in her loins. Her orgasm erupted violently. The spasm of her cunt muscles gripped the shaft inside her. She felt the warm flood of cum explode inside her another orgasm erupted from her loins. The weight lifted.
Amy was in a dream as she felt yet another tongue glide across her clitoris.......................................

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