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1/12/2006 9:57 am

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Another story

Since I got such a great response to my last story I thought I would tell another one, maybe I'll make it a regular thing.

It's a warm summer night and we've been spending alot of time together lately. We get along well and have so much in common, but we haven't moved pat the "friend stage" yet. Sitting there on my couch watching the movie, you look so beautiful and I want so much to kiss you but am afraid that you don't feel the same way. As the movie starts coming to an end you turn to me,
"are you attracted to me at all"?
I'm a little shocked but I manage to hide it well and I respond in a calm, sure of myself, voice,
"yes I am, but I wasn't sure how you felt and I didn't want to scare you away".
"Well I'm very attracted to you and you won't scare me away".
I move towards you slowly and take your face in my hands, as our lips meet I get that tingly feeling that you get from a warm first kiss. You know that feeling when you get flustered and all the blood rushes to your head, you suddenly feel like your going to explode.
"I want us to take this slow"
you nod your head in agreement and I continue to kiss you.
I slowly remove your shirt and bra and begin to caress your breasts, kissing them and sucking your nipples. Moving between your breasts, lips and neck, your moans driving me wild.

Well that's it for this story. I know I seem to always end them just when they start to get good. That's because I prefer to write the ending in person rather than in a story. The girl in my story's has yet to be found, but if you would like to be her then just let me know.

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