Just more observing the world around me  

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6/13/2006 12:16 pm

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Just more observing the world around me

How many of us, men and women read someones profile on here and for some reason or another walk away with a bad taste from reading it? I know with myself, and trust me, I've learned to not take it personal, many women on this site are not looking for men. That is great, good for you, I mean this site is about making our own choices, so great for you. And this is where I have learned to not take things personal, but reading some of these profiles, you would think men are the worst thing on earth. And ladies, believe me, I know why most of you think that way. Sometimes I'm as guilty as the next guy of getting on here and thinking I'll find some beautiful sex goddess who wants nothing more than a "hi, want to mess around" and there she is at my house. Fellas, we are basically knocking the foundation out of our house and expecting it to keep standing. Yes it is very frustrating to see someone who at just face value (lets face it, on here, that is the number one thing) is exactly who you want, and read their profile only to find out that they are basically fed up with guys. Now, I know and you know not everyone is like that. Some are part of a couple, lesbians, etc, and to those people kudos to what you are looking for. But guys, a little respect goes a long way to at least getting a foot in the door. Hey, I've been on this site a long time, with minimal luck, but I also know right from wrong and just because I'm looking at pictures and not seeing them in person, does not change the fact that they are real people we are talking to. Good luck everyone.


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