Oh!!! Now THats Funny........  

Headspinner693 37M
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8/23/2005 2:06 am

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4/18/2006 3:27 am

Oh!!! Now THats Funny........

Man I was Just thinking about All The fun and Funny Shit I have Done.... I'm Rick James Bitch, Iknow Everyone Has Watched baywatch lol, Oh my god me and my Friends Video tapes, You know like in the beginning of the show they have the gay running down the beach, Ya I did That, but It was funny Because i was skipping and All kinds of funny shit. If there was away I would put it on here So everyone Can have a good laugh, Its that good. I Got on a bridge here and I was wearing blur tights and I stuffed my pants with my clothes and It looked like I had a Dick that was 4 feet long and about 2 feet wide lol and I was Snowboarding on the bridge and I was waving at people that where driving by and i Had them laughing there asses off. I swear All the movies Ihave made I would have everyone laughing, There was this one time me and my friends We protend We were blind and Iwould run into things and We would yell out Its out Were blind, and then We would have someone walk the blind person down the street and The people would look at us like what the hell and start laughing, My friend would run into trash cans and knock them over lol, Oh My .... I remember me and my Friends we made theses scary movies ya know for Hollween and It was not even scary just funny and very chessy lol, I had one of my Friends he he was a Big Fat Gay Fireman and he had makeup on with rosey red cheecks lol and all that crap man that shit is funny. I was a Butcher With a Mollut lol and i just looked like Whjite trash Butcher Man That was alot of funy crap, and i had my female friends haha One of was dressed at a Hooker angle and she had the Hokcker clothes and all and She had wings lol and My other female friend Was a reporter and a lezbo and it was just funny crap, I just know Im funny, lol, Oh My This one time At work i had this lady thinking i was From Puerto Rico, I Dont understand people Thinking im Mexican lol, I have even mexicans thinking im Mexican, Im Not mexican lol, But The funy thing was I spoke with a Puerto Rico Accent, and The funny thing was I told her my last name and The thing was this lady her duaghter use to babyseat me when I was a kid lol, I Have Filpino Friend and we would always joke around at work, and I got on one of the phone and i called him Where he was working at and Isaid I was imergration and That i have to take you back to The phillpines and I had this guy thinking I was from imergration He belived me and I was doing one of my voices haha, It was funny because he After Itold him Im imgrantion and Im taking him back to the phillpines and He handed the phone to another person and This guy named Eric answered the phone and I told him, Im imgration and Im taking back Revilo back to the phillpins and he started to laugh and i was laughing and then he knew who i was and I asked him to put Revilo back on the phone and he said Hello its red White and blue how can I help you and Iran my ass over to the phone he was and he said that I scared the living shit out of him because he thought he was gettting imported back to the phillpines, man that shit was funny, I use to sing and dance at my old job and me and my Friend Jesse we would be dancing and sing and making jokes and crap, I was doing the Mikecl Jackson Dance and You know tht Song... Its ok its ok billy, lol This was during The Sex chargers againswt him lol and You know you mike jackson Does with his leg when he dances he whips and kickes it and I was like its ok its ok billy and Then i would Do my lil dance kick to the head to billy thing lol, I found out Mangers Dont like to be made Fun of lol. It just pissed me off because one of theses mangers at my old job was just a Bitch From hell, and I had to Cover To spots right So i made a craboard person With a Name tag on him and I put him in the Room to cover one place and i covered the other place because i had to cover lunches, Well mangers Didnt think it was to funny, but What am i to Do if its only me and I need to Cover 2 places, Owell, Ive have done alot of fun and sepcaily some funny shit, I think laughing is the best way for anything. I laugh at myself at times. But Who doesnt. me and my friends We like to make up song and we well play the on the gutair and drums and whatver else and its just funny, I made a music tape of some off funny songs its just funny,

CruelKitty 47F
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8/24/2005 6:25 pm

I have a feeling your blog doesn't do you justice. You seem like alot of fun, although a little rude. Maybe a mean drunk. I get a kick out of reading your blog, but it's a little hard to swallow...you won't get mad if I offer suggestions, will you?

Headspinner693 37M
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8/25/2005 3:01 am

Hi CurelKitty, I dont mine, maybe I should drink alot before i write them maybe they well be more funny like that one lol, ya go 4 it what Should i Do?

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