When I Close My Eyes  

HawksBabyGirl 49F
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4/24/2006 8:48 pm
When I Close My Eyes

Alone, I could feel his gentle hands caressing me when ever I closed mine eyes

His lips slowly moving over mine…

First a little nibble at my ear
Then his nose rubbing against mine
Then a deep kiss on the lips, with his tongue thrashing around inside my mouth.
Then soft kisses inching down my neck, causing goose bumps everywhere he touched.
Slowly his fingers ran over my breasts, as softly as a wisp until my nipples became hard
Then, with an animistic fierceness, he bit down on both of my nipples at the same time.

My back arched forward as my body tensed.
I could feel pulses of excruciating pleasure racing within me, forcing my eyes to burst open.

And then he was gone. My imaginary lover had brought me to the edge and then left me there.

I panted as my body cooled from his absence. Then I closed my eyes and could feel him slowly return.

nighthawk_6969 61M

4/28/2006 6:47 pm

soon ill be there to kiss and caress you my angel


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