Thanks J&E  

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4/9/2006 1:10 pm
Thanks J&E

Thanks for the catch up on Friday it was great to meet you both.

It was exhilarating and exciting and yes a little nerve racking meeting for the first time for both of us I am sure.

As our eyes met across the room and the initial eye contact made it was a flutter in the stomach and the thought my gosh they are a handsome couple.

I don’t know what your thoughts were but as the night unfolded we clicked and discovered there was some chemistry between us.

As I mentioned with previous encounters I had always met the couples first and then if in agreement we then arrange to meet the next night as this gives both parties time to prepare.

I was excited and nervous when you both said shall we get room here and then disappointed when a room was not available. While going back to my accommodation was always a possibility I knew it was not conducive to a satisfactory experience for us all.

I have to admit I prefer a slower calmer approach to the evening where I know we all have time and energy to discover each others bodies and what are turn on and turn offs.

This has always been with the use of the spa pool which is non- threatening and relaxing and allows chatter and gentle touching and exploring.

I am sure while it was exciting in the apartment none of us actually achieved any real satisfaction due to tiredness, trying to be too fast and not being in a suitable location.

Typically when I make love with a couple it starts early in the evening and finishes early in the morning and generally results in at least two orgasms for the woman.

It generally starts with a meal where we mentally undress each other and wonder just how hard he is going to be tonight or just how wet she is in the restaurant or are her nipples hard because of me or is it cold in here. (LO

The anticipation for us all increases as the meal gets closer and closer to being finished. I must admit on Friday when I looked at you I wondered J just how you liked to have your breasts sucked and fondled ( roughly or gently) and E did you like to have your cock touched by another man. Would I be able to feel your cock in my mouth while J was sucking mine and you were licking J, (or any combination thereof)?

As I said when we met I am bi-sexual and enjoy holding and sucking cocks as much as I love eating, sucking and fucking women. The only real thing I don’t like is anal.

I must also admit I love exploring bodies and finding out just what makes him or her twitch and moan with pleasure. Which typically means after the meal it is either a massage or spa pool. I find they love the massage and at the end of that they have generally had their first orgasm.

After that we may go to the bedroom or bed and then again explore bodies and at this stage I start to get hard and if she is willing or he is willing I start to work on getting a little pleasure my self. This may come from either a blow job or if he is there and lets me I can derive pleasure from seeing just how hard I can get his cock. This can be by hand or mouth or whatever. Usually if she is in the room and sees her partner getting his cock sucked by another man she starts to join in either by sucking mine or joins me in trying to get her partner so hard that eventually he comes all over the place. (Fantastic). That to me is a real turn on.

At this stage the woman is ready again for some serious attention and by this time my cock is again hard and now it is my turn.

I like to enter from behind as I can then massage her clit or play with her tits while my cock is sliding in and out. The angle of penetration is towards the “g”spot. I love the beautiful slurpy noise it makes as my cock withdraws and then slowly slides back in again. Usually by this time the other guy is getting keen again and will be licking and sucking her tits. I try to get in sync with his timing so that the woman is getting fucked, tits flicked and clit fondled all at the same time. Usually by this time she is starting to moan and starts wanting me to fuck her deeper or harder so we assume doggy position so her partner while underneath her can lick her while I start fucking her deep and hard or perhaps she can start giving him a blow job. (Although I find if one person is the centre of attention it is easier for them to cum). I have to admit at this stage I am usually getting very close to cumming and as soon as she starts to buck as she is coming I spurt my cum all over her back and then quickly collapse on her so that it is rubbed all over our bodies. I love the smell of her love juices and my cum mixed together.

After that I leave them to continue fucking or whatever providing whatever else they want. Often I find they just want to make love to each other.

So J and E I apologise for Friday and hope that when you finally got to bed you managed to finish what was started earlier in the evening.

I am in town again from Wednesday to Saturday (Fly out Sat 1000) but only evening free at this time is Friday. If you want to try again it is ok by me. If you don’t I also understand. It was great to meet you both.


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