When Enough is Enough  

HarrDDNJuucie 53M/41F
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9/2/2006 10:30 am
When Enough is Enough

There comes a time i am sure in everyones life when you just look around you and say, WTF?????
WTF am i doing? Where TF am i?

i strive to acheive near perfection in everything that i do. i am a rescuer, and a do-gooder, and a nurturer by nature. my soul purpose in life is to make others happy before myself. and i have lost who i am in the process.

i opened my eyes last weekend when i just about left my boyfriend.

life comes at you full force. the reality that i might actually walk away, and not come back home to him anymore. that if i did that, it would be the most scariest, but bravest thing i have ever done, to stand up for ME. who I AM INSIDE.

instead of leaving, we have planned a vacation away from the kids, up to the mountains. and it doesnt get much more beautiful than that.

talking instead of leaving was the only thing i could have asked for.

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