Harpocrates7 43M
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8/20/2006 1:17 pm

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8/23/2006 12:23 pm


Just feeling a little down today...

steamyandsexybi 45F
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8/20/2006 2:01 pm

Awww..........wish I knew what was wrong. I'm a good listener. And, for a girl, I have somewhat of a strong shoulder for you to lean on! Lol
We're all entitled to our day-no matter what the subject of the matter is. We're all human, right? (well, not including these bots!) lol
Chin up! It may seem bad right now but things will start to look a bit brighter for ya. Things always have a way of getting better with a little time and patience.
I'm sending you a BIG HUG, friend! ( So, smile )


hereIam51757 57F
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8/20/2006 2:07 pm

((((( hugzzzzz )))))


VCF1962 106F

8/20/2006 2:09 pm

Me too hun - it's been one of those days this whole week !!!

Still, tomorrow is another day and a fresh new week (it's also pay day Friday, Bank Holiday next Monday and the following week I get my new car so there are things in the air that make it look a whooooole lot better !).

Who knows, there may even be new and undiscovered friends out there too.

Chin up Chuck, and take care.

Mistress Innuendo
Taking what you say and turning it into something naughty !!

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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8/20/2006 5:50 pm

Remember, the sun will rise tomorrow

Hang in there baby!

Big hug,

Purry {=}


Harpocrates7 43M

8/20/2006 7:56 pm

Shaye--Thanks for your support, I did see the sunset, and it helped! By the way, I may be going to see Under The Influence Of Giants in concert--didn't you suggest them to me?

Steamy--I can feel the hug--indebted to you!

Herelam--Thank you--very kind well wishing

VCF--New car? No that's a spirit lifter. Thanks for the support.

Nightlady--I skipped the walk and took a drive in my convertible--it helped.

Cat--I'm looking forward to tomorrow...

Purry--Thanks for the cyber hug, much appreciated!

Today was just one of those days when being around people reminded me how lonely I can get sometimes. If two roads diverge in a woods, do they meet up again somewhere in the forrest?

florallei 100F

8/20/2006 10:58 pm

Hello H,

Am sorry you are feeling down!!! Did something or someone bring this on? You are getting to have some pretty nice friends here in blogville.
Will a hug help...a listening ear with heart? I offer mine.
Take care Hun.

__Huntress__ 56M/58F

8/21/2006 3:36 am

Warm hugs to you ... I felt the same but I what I wanted more than anything was the chance to be near the water somewhere ... wish I had had a marina like Shaye's to take a walk to ... I think that would have made the difference ...

Hope you're feeling better today ...


Harpocrates7 43M

8/21/2006 4:13 am

Flo--just knowing you care helps a ton

Huntress--it's Monday morning, and things are looking better.

Everyone, I'm off fly fishing for a couple of days. See you all when I return...

phoenix639 50F

8/21/2006 6:00 am

Have fun hun & i hope you come back feeling brighter.


rm_marnisway 86F
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8/22/2006 4:36 pm say. hm when i've felt the need of an uplift...i take my Winston.. and walk....the river.
my license plate...gtmdrft.... says it all...
get my drift?



Nothing is ever the same... when it comes to pleasures.

with a hint....the erotic senses will manifest into an abounding mess of flesh

the mind needs fulfillment of the body

if it feels good is good

I've done it again...*S*


8/23/2006 11:45 am

Hope you are feeling better. Also hope your absence is because of the slowness and problems with the site and nothing more. Sugar and hugs {=}

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

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