Mr Hardlys Neighborhood - Episode III  

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8/22/2005 2:39 am

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Mr Hardlys Neighborhood - Episode III

Look, neighbor; Mrs. McFeely is waving us right in. She says she has something special for Mr. Hardly. I hope it's a fresh batch of brownies.

She isn't leading us to the kitchen, boys and girls; looks like we're headed for the cellar. This could be fun too. Do you like fun? Sure.

Hmm. I wonder if she had Mr. McFeely sink those anchors into the cellar wall or if she did it herself. Mr. Hardly digs chicks with power tools. Those are some nice manacles, Mrs. McFeely. Can you say "manacles," boys and girls? I guess its a good thing I like them. See how quickly Mistress McFeely had me chained to the wall?

I think Mr. Hardly may have trouble keeping up a dialogue for a minute here. I..aye...ahh...mmm.
Well, I mentioned power tools; and look what Mistress McFeely has.Our neighbor, Ms. Coed, has one of these in the drawer beside her bed - but I don't think Mr. Hardly has ever seen one this large.

Oh, I thought Mistress McFeely was going to use it on herself. Can you say "oops?" I know I can. Thank you, Mistress McFeely, for using copious amounts of lubrication on that. Mr. Hardly will need to walk back home eventually.

Oh. Oh. OOH. &$*%() @*^$@% )*$*$*&#!!!

That's a huge load off Mr. Hardly's..uh... Mistress McFeely is thanking me for painting the opposite wall of the cellar. She's very polite. We should all be polite.

I was going to take you over to the Schwinger's house next...but I think Mr. Hardly needs some rest. What's that, Mistress McFeely? Oh, she suggests I leave you here. She'll release you when she's done. Have a good afternoon, neighbor.

AlbertPrince 59M

8/22/2005 11:11 am

I was gonna pop round and buy a beer but it seems you're a bit tied up at the moment.

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