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9/27/2005 1:28 am

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The Blog of Silence

Originally aired August 10, 2005 on my now-defunct blog, Life With Carry-Ons.

Hello computer, my old friend
I’ve come to type on you again
But there’s this problem I have going;
Creative juices are not flowing
And the bright ideas that I had out on the lawn
Now are gone
I’m staring at the realm ‒ of white space.

Through paragraphs I used to speed,
I’d type until my fingers’d bleed.
And strange ideas never seemed lacking ‒
Lest from my blogging I might seem slacking
But now my brain is dead from the chats that I had today
Too much to say ‒
To fill the void ‒ of white space.

“Fool,” I thought, “they’re only words.”
But what I write doth smell of turds.
Nothing coming from the cerebral cortex ‒
Only visions of women in spandex
And that’s not enough to get anyone to read
Unless I plead
But still I stare ‒ at white space.

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