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9/27/2005 1:50 am

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Og's Blog

Originally aired August 14, 2005 on my now-defunct blog, Life With Carry-Ons.

See Og for background

Recently translated from the cave paintings in New Mexico

Day Urrnh - Og have painter's block. No think of bright things to say. Uuuuung.

Day Rrrrrruowg - Writing racy story on cave wall. No get comments, but more people stop to stare at wall. Mostly men.

Day Grrrrrowwwww - Today no care what other people think of cave painting. Og paint for Og. Others go lay in front of glacier, for all Og care.

Day Eeeeeeehn - Og offend friend. Mean to make fun of cave woman with bad attitude - sometime Og wish large protruding forehead had more gray matter in it.

Day ohk - Og write funny story about single-cell lifeforms emerging from primordial ooze. Not sure everyone get Og's sense of humor. Og think some take him too seriously.

Day aaaaaaaaaaaaaahn - Og sorry no painting yesterday. Dinner with in-laws. Take all of Og's energy trying to avoid clubbing someone. Next time maybe Og accidentally get stepped on by dinosaur to avoid this meeting.

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