Not another night at the bar!  

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4/2/2006 10:09 am

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Not another night at the bar!

This was written for a Lady friend of mine. This was one of her fantasies.

It was a hot summer night, the moon was full and there was a light breeze blowing though the trees. Peter had called and wanted me to meet him down at the Do Drop Inn. Peter and I were on and off as far as dating most just sex nothing serious. It was hot so just through on some old baggy shorts and a camisole. I arrived at the Do Drop Inn and it packed for a Tuesday night. I was making my way through the crowd to the bar and I noticed this hot red head with tight jeans checking me out, she was hot, I tried not to look at her as I ordered a Bud Light. I saw Peter at the pool table; he must have gotten there before me, he looked over and smiled then took this next shot. Peter was not one to fall over women; they were more of a pleasant distraction for him. I said hi to all the regulars as I nursed my beer. The red head that was checking my out started for the bar and sat down next to me, I said hi how ya doing, she didn’t say a word just ordered a Black Russian and turned toured me and smiled. I’m not normally into girls but this red head did something to me, something I had never felt before. I could see she was the talking type so I turn away to check out the other side of the bar. I felt someone’s hand on my ass, I turned and it was her, I didn’t know what to do, I turned toured her as her hand was sliding up my leg, she looked me straight in the eye and said hi I’m Brenda want to move to a booth. This had never happened to my before, Peter was into his pool game so I said sure. We both grabbed our drinks and started for an open booth. It was hot and the bar was packed, I was perspiring a little as we walked to the booth. We both sat on the same side of the table, we no sooner sat down and she had her hand rubbing my inner thigh not saying a word just rubbing. I was in shock I didn’t know what to do but I did know I liked it. She slowly moved her hand up under my baggy shorts to my now wet pussy, gently and slowly she massaged my clit. I thought I was going to go crazy. We started to kiss; it was like we were the only two in the bar. The waiters came over and OK ladies care to cool off with another? The red head, I didn’t even know her named said yes and keep them coming. My heart was going a mile a minute I had to slow down, I down my beer hoping it would bring me back to reality. We started to kiss some more, I slowly unbuttoned her jeans and slide my hand down to her wet hot pussy, and I knew at that point I was going to do something different that night. We both massaged each other’s clit slowly and softly; I knew I was going to cum. Just at that point the waitress returned with our second round. This petting and teasing went on for five rounds of drinks, I was beyond hot, I wanted her, I wanted to taste that hot cunt that I had only felt the wetness of. The drinks the hot summer night and this red head had taken me to a place I had never been, I wanted more. I slide down under the table, I lifted her ass up off the bench so I could slide her jeans down, I slowly slide her jeans and wet panties down to her knees. There it was, she was so wet it was running down to her ass, her clit was hard, that’s what I wanted, I started to lick and suck on her clit, she started to shake with pleasure and then it happened she came and came hard with a loud shriek, everyone in the bar turned. Our little world with just the two of us had opened up for the entire bar to see. Much to my amazement they cheered as I crawled out from under the table. It was late, everyone had too much to drink; it was like a feeding frenzy, they wanted more of this girl on girl stuff. Peter acted like he didn’t know me but kept watching. At this point all I wanted was to cum, I hadn’t yet and my clit was hard and ready. The red head looked at me and said come here dragging me to the pool table. She ripped my clothes off and lifted me on to the pool table spreading my legs apart. She took all her clothes off and started to eat my wet pussy in front of everyone in the bar. The screams and shouts from the crowd were loud at first but like magic it got quiet and still, the only thing I could hear or feel was her hot tongue licking my hard clit, sucking on it like a lollypop, I came and came again the green felt on the pool table was wet with all my juices. I could see Peter from the corner of my eye; he had his cock out and was stroking it along with three other guys that were playing pool. I had never been so horny in my life, I wanted his cock too, I push the red head away, she rolled over onto her back fingering fucking herself. I grabbed Peter’s cock and pulled him onto the table on top of me. He wasted on time his hard throbbing cock slid in me again and again, it didn’t take long before he came, I could feel his cock inside me get harder and bigger with every squirt, his hot cum going deep inside of me and running out down to my ass. We were spent; I grabbed my clothes and ran to the bathroom where I tried to figure out what had just happened. The red head came in shortly after me, she also got a cock that night, two or three of them. I waited in the bathroom until everyone had left the bar and walked to my car. I had a hard time walking, as my pussy was raw and swollen from the nights events. This was one night I’m not proud of but it’s one night that I will never forget.

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