An Adult Nursery Rhyme  

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1/21/2006 10:32 pm

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An Adult Nursery Rhyme

An Adult Fairy Tale by

Mary had a little lamb
Some people called it Snow
And everywhere that Mary went
That lamb sure did want to go
It followed her to work one day
To a place called Piedmont Tools
And all the things it made her do
Were quite against the rules
It made her lie and cheat and steal
All things that were not nice
Her life had gotten so unreal
In her pie, that lamb the biggest slice
And those that knew
They turned away
In hopes they wouldn’t see
How much Mary loved that lamb
And how that came to be
Then one day they finally said
“That lamb has got to go
Because we know it’s not really you
It’s just that scamp called Snow”
So Mary sent her lamb away
As far as it would go
But oh how much she wishes
To feel again her friend called Snow

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