The Voyage is with Sails Full Mast...  

HardRockon2 58M
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8/17/2006 12:38 pm

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8/17/2006 2:45 pm

The Voyage is with Sails Full Mast...

It's been eight months since my last Post
And I don't mean to be away or play the ghost
I have met a number of wonderful woman
But I still haven't met that one again
So I continue to search here and not boast

The joy in my life is amazingly increased
The sexual tension I had was completely released
By getting to know them a lot
And giving so much more than I got
My life is fuller and happier as both have feasted.

So I go on in my voyage with my sails filled with air
Joyfully testing the direction and treating the woman with care
Laughter and intimacy I haven't felt for long
A fullness and completeness with an inward song
And I travel out of the storm with joy and a great dare.

So look me up on my journey through the day and the night
Continue to understand as my live grows and goes to flight
In their eyes I see the joy around us
And their acceptance without any fuss
And I know the journey I am taking though, thought wrong, is right.

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