My friends..  

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My friends..

It was 6 A.M. when Ann hit the showers. She had an 8
o'clock class ------what was it? Anthropology? God, why did
she sign up for that subject? Oh well, she needed an easy
elective. How else was she going to maintain her busy social

As the hot water beat softly against her young and
supple skin, the fog started to clear from her head and she
remembered that she wasn't in her private shower back home.
She lives in a college dormitory now and the showers were
all open to each other. "Why don't they provide a little
privacy around here?" Oh well, Ann secretly enjoyed the lack
of privacy. Sometimes she found herself wondering, with a
certain sense of excitement, just who would be joining her
in the shower each morning. She would cast her eyes shyly to
the floor and become very quiet as she struggled to find an
excuse to look at her bathing partner. Just how long do
normal women look at each other in the buff? Would anyone
suspect anything if her eyes stopped momentarily to
appreciate certain portions of female anatomy?

Ann often worried herself. After all, she only dated
men. She had never been to bed with another woman. She
thought of herself as quite heterosexual. And yet?------ Oh
God, what was she going to do with these feelings?

Ann's troubling thoughts were interrupted by the sound
of another shower being turned on. Startled, she glanced
across the tiled floor to the shower stall opposite her. It
was little Mary. Actually, little Mary wasn't so little. She
was only about 5 feet 1 inches tall but she had round firm
breasts the size of cantaloupes.

Ann and Mary said good morning to each other politely
and then looked away. Ann reached for her soap and worked up
a lather. Her hands went to her own breasts which were quite
large also. She felt aroused, her nipples were erect. She
started to feel embarrassed. She pulled her hands away from
these sensitive organs and began to wash her back and arms.
She dared to sneak another quick look at Mary. Mary was bent
over reaching for her bottle of shampoo on the shower floor.
Her back was turned towards Ann and the view left nothing to
the imagination. Little Mary was wide open. Ann's soapy
hands darted back and forth over her own swollen genitals.

Ann's embarrassment was beginning to turn to guilt. She
wondered what Mary would think of her if she knew how
sexually aroused the sight of her nakedness had made her.
Oh, how she longed to touch her just once, to press her lips
against her's-----hard! To wrap her hands around Mary's
gorgeous tits and suck each nipple into her mouth. Would
Mary become wet? Would she want more? Or would she tell
everyone that Ann was a freak and that they should keep
their doors locked? Ann became very frightened by such
thoughts. For a moment she would lose her sexual desire and
retreat into a secret corner of her mind. Mary abruptly
ended such an escape with "Do you have any conditioner?" She
was all cheery and wide eyed, standing directly in front of
Ann. Her breasts heaved with a little girlish sigh.

Ann stumbled for words as she handed Mary the bottle of
conditioner. "Sure---uh---here you are---uh--." Mary said
thanks in the same cheery fashion, gently tweaked Ann's left
nipple, turned and went back to her own shower stall. Ann
was totally stunned. "Why had Mary touched her nipple?"
"What did she mean by it?" "Was she just joking around or
does Mary entertain some of the same sexual fantasies I do?"
Now Ann was determined to find out if Mary was as sexually
aroused as she was. To hell with what others might find out
or think of her. She wanted Mary in the worst way and if
there was any chance... Well, the risk is worth it.

Ann walked deliberately towards Mary. As Ann approached,
Mary turned and smiled. "Need your conditioner back," she
said? Ann hesitantly took the bottle from Mary's hand and as
she did her eyes fell upon Mary's breasts. They were so
round and firm and they stood there at attention as if
asking to be admired.

Ann's free hand reached for Mary's right breast. She gently
cupped it and began tracing circles around it with her
fingers. Mary stiffened a little at first but offered no
resistance to Ann's advance. As she continued to massage
Mary's breast with her left hand, Ann dropped the bottle of
conditioner. She brought her right hand to Mary's breast and
now squeezed and fondled these breasts she had admired for
so long with both hands. The touch of Mary's skin was ten
times more delicious than she had imagined it would be. Ann
was becoming very aroused and she could feel her clitoris
beginning to throb with anticipation. Vaginal secretions
were beginning to flow in abundance and she could feel them
trickling down the inside of her left thigh. Ann let out a
deep but barely audible moan as she gloried in the
excitement of the moment. "How is little Mary's pussy
doing," she thought as she reached with her right hand to
caress the little dark patch of hair that covered it.

Gently she pulled at the curls and then slowly slid her
middle finger into Mary's wet vagina. She traced the inner
and outer lips with her exploring finger, they were slippery
with Mary's excitement. Ann found her clitoris and began to
massage it gently. The excitement Ann felt was overwhelming.
Mary struggled to quiet her screams of delight by burying
her face in the crook of Ann's neck and shoulder. Ann
continued to finger Mary's now swollen clit.

Periodically Ann would bring lubrication from Mary's vagina
to her clit by inserting her finger a few inches. Mary's
knees were beginning to get weak and she was holding on to
Ann very tightly so she wouldn't fall. The water from the
shower was drenching both of them and it was making things
very slippery. Ann decided she had better lie Mary down
before they both fell and hurt themselves. As Ann help Mary
to the floor she came face to face with Mary's beautiful
snatch. She ventured a taste, allowing her tongue to flick
lightly over Mary's moist lips. Ann marvelled at the sweet
taste of Mary's delicious sex. She went wild. She began to
suck and lick and mouth every part of Mary's womanhood. Her
tongue finally came to rest on Mary's throbbing clit. As Ann
slowly and methodically licked her love button, Mary was
writhing on the floor of the shower in a state of shear

Ann reached up to grasp both of Mary's nipples while she
continued to feast on her now very juicy pussy and as she
gently pinched them between her thumb and forefinger, Mary
came. Mary's supple body convulsed with waves of pleasure
and she let out a quiet scream. Then her body went
completely limp and she moaned softly. Ann felt very pleased
with herself as she looked at the gentle contented smile on
Mary's face.

Ann glanced at the wall clock as she helped Mary to her
feet. It was now 6:45 A.M. Ann thought, "lucky no one walked
in and discovered our morning interlude." They began to
gather their things to get out of there before someone did
walk in on them. As they started to leave the room, Mary
grabbed Ann's arm gently and said, "why don't you come down
to my room for a few minutes?" Ann obliged.

Mary's roommate had already left for class when they
arrived. As they entered the room Mary closed the door and
locked it. "You won't mind being a little late for class
this morning will you," Mary asked coyly? Ann smiled, "no, I
won't mind at all," she replied. Mary undid the knot in
Ann's towel and it fell to the floor. She knelt down and
spread Ann's pussy lips, exposing her clit. Ann's eyes
closed with a flutter and she braced herself against the
door behind her. Her pussy was already wet but as Mary began
to lick gently on her swollen clit the love juices began to
flow like a river down the inside of both thighs. The walls
of her vagina were contracting so hard that her stomach was
heaving in and out in an obvious fashion. Mary's tongue was
flicking and caressing her clit and she could feel a finger
thrusting deep into her vagina. She felt as if she were
going to explode. And she did, all over Mary. Her pussy
juices gushed out as her entire body shuddered in ecstasy.
Mary didn't mind the unexpected shower, she just patted
herself dry with Ann's towel and let out a little giggle.
Ann slowly slumped to her knees, lost in her own world of
orgasmic bliss.

wewantpix 49M/48F

4/18/2006 7:31 pm

Great story Hardbodeez. I was hard the whole time while the Mrs. got sopping wet and had a couple of orgasms on my fingers. Nicely done!

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