Good Morning to all!  

Hard2SayNo2u 42M
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7/30/2006 2:33 am
Good Morning to all!

Wow! I seriously am envisioning me losing some sleep in the near future lol. This cant be good! But I won't stop, I cant stop, heck, I don't want to stop! hah. Madness wouldn't you say? It's definitely different from the norm, and I think we all need that in our lives. I am personally believing that all you guys out there are supremely cool and very helpful. Not too often one can say that in today's society. Wouldn't you think it ironic? To find that which you are searching for in the least likely of places. That's just like Murphy's Law though. I'm blessed by everyone's generosties, and hope that I can learn new things from each and everyone. Becoming friends is a plus, doesn't matter what the extent of that may be, so long as that we all can be greatful for the part we each contribute to one another no matter what that may be. A single "Hello" or "Welcome" can mean all the difference, I know it did for me. Then again, I'm the type that never really takes anything for granted. I try not to complicate my life too much, preferring to keep things simple, and make the best of any bad situation. I will put 100 percent effort into involving myself with others who've done the same for me. I just ask that you carry but a bit of patience. I don't have much time I can put on here yet, but I will. My fingers have never typed so fast, lol. If I may say so, I never thought expressing myself through this would make me feel the way I do now, and I owe it to everyone here. I would really love nothing more than to keep continuing, but I regret that if I do so, I may very well indeed become a zombie, and I really despise being a "DeadBeat!" LOl.


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