Attitude is everything, sensual begins in the mind and other random thoughts.  

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4/14/2005 10:08 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Attitude is everything, sensual begins in the mind and other random thoughts.

I beleibe that friends make the best lovers. That erotic begins in the mind and imagination. Real communication requires listening skills and patience. Music and lighting enhance the mode. Life is a journey. Destinations are aften not perminate or what you expect, so go with the flow. Reincarnation is a reality, but do try to get it right this life time (It's more fun that way, LO Dance is a expression of emotion inspired by the rythem and melody of the music and The movement of your dance partner. The cover doesn't always represent the contant of the book. Life is a play and we are but actors with an entrance and exit. Experience is the seceret meaning of life. Touch is usually a underdeveloped and rushed process. Life is a feast for the sences and they are more than just the physical ones . Most rules are guide lines for behaviour and are absolute only to the insecure. WE are all on a learning curve and the trick is to enjoy the process. Like Real Good Single Malt Scotch somethings really do improve with age lol. Flurting is a valid tallent only if it's sincere ( not just a quick road to the bottom line). Be always fateful to your heart (your head usually creates the problems) What if's are a waist of time and energy. To smile is very good to laugh is a lot better. Good Sifi is a window to the future and a stimulate to the mind. Rediscover the wonder of being a child and the joy of rediscovering. Outside of experience, you can't take it with you so dump the stress and enjoy yourself while you are here. Good conversation can be very erotic and orgasmic. Touch is a spitural experience. Love exist in many forms and many levels; we should embrace them all.

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4/15/2005 1:26 pm

~thank you for sharing the thought~

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