I found my first fraud!  

HandyHands8 46M
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4/22/2006 11:52 am
I found my first fraud!

Is this a milestone? I got all excited after getting a wink from a seriously hot sex fantasy, only to read the exact same profile attached to a picture I just knew was too good to be true. Boom! Two dreams crashed in a second! That's ok, I mean, some of the pictures on here seem to come straight from an issue of Playboy anyway, so I know they're not legit, but a horny man can dream... Should I report it, or leave it alone so another sex-hungry male can fantasize for a bit too? I think I'm getting better at spotting the phony profiles. Some of these pictures just seem unreal - these women don't need AdultFriendFinder to get laid - all they gotta do is walk around and they'll get more offers than they can count. I wonder who reads the emails I sent to those beautiful, busty, bed-ready but bogus babes... they must be laughing...

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