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1/23/2006 5:17 pm

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Hello Fellow Sexual Explorers

I am so disappointed in those who misrepresent themselves for whatever reason(ie. PIX, WEIGHT, AGE, ETC), but when you try to KNOWINGLY spread a STD, you've sunk to an all time low. There is another TS on here giving us all a bad name...I know, I know, we should treat EVERY sexual partner like they might be a potential carrier of something, but to place an ad and blatantly lie about your status is inexcusable...especially since this site has listings for those unfortunate souls who've contracted whatever STD they might have...and how do I know about this person you might ask...well she is a friend of a coworker who is also in the same situation and they were or are in the same support group...so you Sexual Explorers out there be extremely careful and please play SAFE...NO GLOVE - NO LOVE!!!!

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