Alaskans for global warming!  

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5/29/2005 8:13 pm

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Alaskans for global warming!

Alaskans for global warming!!

Why would an Alaskan want global warming? Let me count the reasons:

• Just five short months ago women were more bundled up than a Muslim in IRAN.
• Do you know how disappointing it is to see woman with so many layers of clothing on that you can only see the face and hands.
• There is NO just running into people; how you can just run into people when it is -50 and you are running to and from your car and the store.
• Where your greatest motivation is survival, will my car start will I stay warm tonight do I have enough wood.
• It is snowing again will I get out before breakup comes.
• This is an environment where porn becomes a life threatening distraction.
• The thought of having wet and wild sex brings the fear of freezing in place.

Summer, wow let me count the reasons why global warming is a good thing:
• Women are stripped down to the bear necessities.
• The streets are full of scantly clad women all hours of the day and night.
• The earth muffins come from all over the world; they all are friendly and seem to be horny.
• Going swimming at midnight with the sun still high in the sky.
• Having an all night street party on June 21st the longest day, all the pretty women are out showing it off.
• The thought of making love wet-wild and falling asleep is desirable.
• Riding motor-cycles is great.

These are a few of my thoughts on global warming; got to go it is 70 degrees; Enjoy Summer while you can.

Global warming is coming, HELLO!

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