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A Lady

[Toy] This ladies-only corsage consists of a small bunch of flowers, fresh or silk, that is attached to a medium virginal plug. When worn, the flowers show in a forward direction producing the striking and memorable effect of pubic hair composed of blossoms.

I will first describe it in use and then give step-by-step instructions for making this unique sex toy, either for yourself or for your lady.

Erotic Narrative:

Oh, I remember that day vividly. You first hinted at sex and then held me at arms length. I was to get cleaned up first and then wait on your convenience.

Some time later you entered the room dressed in you nicest robe with your feet bare. You moved with studied step like a fashion model. When you reached the spot in the room with good lighting and my best view, you half turned and flung open your robe with a dramatic jester. Your right breast and half your left were exposed. But, what caught my eye was down below where your pubic hair should be was a bouquet of roses.

You dropped your robe to the floor and took a few steps forward. The roses seem to stay in place without visible means of support. You then turned looking back of your shoulder. A single rose bud accented the crack in your butt like the period at the bottom of an exclamation mark.

Later I removed the rose corsage with my teeth.


The process should be easy to follow for anyone with even a little crafts experience. [A picture is available in my photos]

Materials List:

1. Medium virginal plug ‒ These are made from rubbery plastic. Choose a size that you find comfortable. Most sex shops carry two or three sizes.
2. Stem Wrap Tape ‒ This is green paper tape about 1/2 inches wide that is used to wrap the stems of flowers and is available at craft shops.
3. Flowers, real or silk ‒ Real flowers last only a few days, but do not have to be cleaned.
4. Cloth ribbon ‒ Use ribbon about 1/4 inches wide. This is available at crafts and sewing stores. It may be black or other dark color.


1. Leather punch ‒ This tool looks like a pair of pliers. It has a wheel on the end with a selection of whole punch sizes. It is available at many tool and crafts suppliers.
2. Small standard screwdriver ‒ This is use to push the ribbon through the hole.
3. Gardening succors or wire snips ‒ You will need to cut the flower stems and the ribbon.


1. Punch a hole -- Punch a 1/4 inch hole through the plug just under the flat head. The hole should be centered on the shaft just under the long side of the head.
2. Cut the ribbon -- Cut 4 inches of ribbon and insert the end through the hole. You will probably need to poke it through with something long and narrow like a small standard screwdriver.
3. Cut the flowers -- Cut the one to five flowers to a length of about 4 inches and remove excess leaves. Wrap the flowers with stem wrap tape. Some people might like to have a single bud pointing backward. The tape is not very sticky but conforms nicely around the stems and makes the bunch work as a single unit.
4. Tie the knot -- Tie the bouquet flat on the plug. This is the only hard part. You will probable need to hold the plug while making this knot. You can do this with your mouth or between you thighs. Use a square not (not a granny). Tie the knot as tightly as you can. The flat head of the plug should curve into a saddle shape around the stems.

Prepare for Use:

1. Check for Cleanliness -- Check that the plug is clean.
2. Insert -- Insert the plug into your virgina using only a small amount of lubricant, natural moisture, or water. Face the flowers forward.
3, Practice -- Practice may be needed to keep the corsage in place for times longer than the few minutes needed to strike a single a dramatic pose.
4. Pop out -- Practice popping out the corsage on que.


1. Clean -- Disassemble and clean after each use. Cut and discard the ribbon. Thoroughly clean the plug with mild soap and warm water. These plugs should last several uses, but do not last forever. Discard the plug if it stats to break around the hole.
2. Fresh flowers -- Discard the wilted flowers. Inspect silk flowers and discard if spoiled. Replace the flowers regularly.
3. Storage ‒ Allow the plug to dry completely and store in a private place. A paper bag or envelope, rather than plastic, will allow the plug to dry better in storage.

I would very much like to hear women’s reactions to this toy by email inside this club. This idea is not right for everybody, but is it for right for you?

Enjoy, HHabilis, your Handyman

PS: Be sure, every person has their own private sex toys, that they have in their control all the time, and that they are used by nobody else.

HHabilis 72M

2/5/2006 6:08 am

Most Dear and Treasured Ladies,

This is one of a series of articles I am writing just to make women happy. The articles cover all sorts of original intimate games and personal toys. But, I cannot make the designs or the articles better unless I hear from you.

Which of these ideas do you find hot? What descriptions are a turn-on for you? Where do I go wrong and spoil the mood? Please let me hear from you.

Enjoy, HHabilis, your Handyman

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