A Gift of Relaxation Massage  

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A Gift of Relaxation Massage

A Gift of Relaxation Massage

[Game] One gift one member of a couple can give another is a relaxation massage. You can learn massage at this level from picture books and takes little more than knowing a few technical tricks and being committed to giving pleasure. (More advanced massage requires training.) Massage will make your partner relax to the point of melting into the mat, and then become so impassioned that the climax will come over them in waves.

Above all massage is a great measure of paying attention to your partner. Women always need to be paid attention to.

Erotic Narrative:

Here is the gift I offer to you:

At the start you will be nude and laying on your face on the pad. You may be discretely covered. I will be wearing loose pants and shirt.

I will start at your neck, avoid the spine, and work from near the center off to the sides. I will then work your shoulders with my full hands. Then I will work down your spine working on each side with my thumbs. I then drag eight fingers down the wide areas of your back from top to bottom. I then work the small of your back with heal of my hand.

I then will work down one arm, pulling the tension down the limb with my fingers. I will work the palm of your hand with the heal of my hand, being careful not to twist your arm. I then work the opposite arm.

Then I work your buttocks by pushing it together, not apart. Then I will work down your legs pulling with all my fingers again drawing the tension down the limb. I work the calves in the same way. I will save the feet for later as they are hard to work properly with you lying face up.

I will then turn you over and place a large, flat pillow under your pelvis. I start working again from the temples and then down the sides of the neck. I will work down your sides pulling toward the stomach, but avoiding your breasts for now.

I will work from your sides across your lower stomach toward your pubic area using the fingers of both hands. I will pull down the sides and tops of your thighs and then work your calves with your leg in my lap.

I then place each leg on a pillow and work your feet thoroughly. I will work a lot of oil into the skin with extra care for the dry places. I will work each toe separately. I will work your instep with the heal of my hand. The palms of the hands and the bottom of the feet have ties to your erogenous zones and deserve a lot of attention.

When I have completed both feet, I will wipe off the bottoms of your feet with the towel to prevent slipping later.

I will then go over you whole body with a very light sweeping motion as a finishing gesture.

I will then kiss you gently on the mouth. Then again with building passion, I will continue to kiss you on the mouth and gently reach down and cup my hand over your pussy, rhythmically tying kisses to gentle squeezing.

I will then kiss, lick, and suck each of your breasts in turn. I will speak of their great beauty. I will not over look their under side.

I will kiss your belly button, but only in passing.

I will then reposition myself between your legs. Here is where the large space of a pad on the floor is needed and the space of a mattress, even a king, is not really enough.

I will kiss and lick your inner thighs, first one, and then the other, while opening you legs very slowly.

I will then very gently kiss your pussy and speak of its soft, wet, warm delights. I will lick your pussy slowly from the back to the front. I will work my tongue as far into your pussy as I can...

I will lick your clit starting gently and then move to stronger licking and sucking. I will hum from time to time.

If I have done well, you will be very close to your first climax. When you come, I will back off a little and blow gently on your pussy.

I few moments later, I will move in again, gently at first and then with passion. If I have again done well, you will be coming in waves.

When you wish no more, I will rest for a moment with my head on your thigh.

I will then put on a rubber and enter your pussy. First slowly and then with passion.

When you come again, I will rest inside you. When you have had enough and I am near climax, I will pull out and remove the rubber.

I will them ejaculate wherever you direct me. Perhaps in your mouth. Perhaps on your breasts where you can spread my cum around with your fingers and leave as a film to dry. You can then wear my cum for the rest of the day. Perhaps you will spread you pussy and feel hot cum on you clitoris. Whatever you want is fine with me.


All that we need is pad on an open area of floor. A blanket folded over and a few pillows will do just find. We need massage oil. I like baby lotion rather than oil, but I must be careful not to get it on areas of your body that I will later kiss as it coats the tongue.

If your partner has muscle pain, (and this whole process is often so very good when you have over done it in sport, exercise, or housework), then we will need Aspercreme lotion in the plastic bottle.

We need a low light level, candles are nice, and a towel.

The key to good relaxation massage are first to get a picture book and study it. They make a great gift. Second never pinch. Instead press with fingers, thumbs, and the heal of the hand. Third press only on soft flesh, never on bony areas such as joints or spine. Above all do not press to hard.

Enjoy, HHabilis, your Handyman

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