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Member Posts, Articles & Questions

One of the great benefits of the Herpes Groups is the vast amount of information we can all share with one another.

Looking for advice on having sex for the first time since getting H? Trying to find "home remedies"? Having problems understanding the virus?

Our members have discussed these and many other topics related to our mutual condition. Check out the posts from these members.
The New Herpes Blog

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Drug Disease free Except for Herpes
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It gets better over time
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CDC ,The latest statistics
The Herpes Blog Group
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A great place to interact with people with herpes!

Safe way to enjoy a person with Herpes
Dirty Little whore
Take a shower after doing the nasty's
A little depressed?
What's Worse , Herpes or the Flu?
First out break, What to do?
So, people think the don't know they have herpes?
Does Size Matter?
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