The Reality of Relationships  

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3/5/2006 10:41 am

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The Reality of Relationships

I have been taking a break from this blog in order to decide it’s path. Life sometimes has it’s weird twists that makes you rethink your views on it. We all take for advantage those things that are around us. We may do it on different levels but it is done nonetheless. For example when was the last the last time you thought about taking a breath? Or if there would be something for you to breathe the next time you needed a breath. Don’t get me wrong I am speaking in a very general sense here, not from a voice of paranoia. We take the basic things such as health at times for granted. I have for the past year been in a battle for my eyesight. I have a rare eye disease that I am told can only be found in the Mid-West. Twenty years ago it robbed me of my center vision of my right eye. At that time there was nothing that could be done to help preserve what sight I had. I am told that this disease is found more often in blue eyed, fair skinned males. Last year the virus decided to become active in my left eye. I found out that, while there is no way to predict how, when or what causes this to become active, there has been some advancements that while won’t cure the disease it can stop it’s advancement until it next becomes active. The treatment involves a liquid material being place in my veins through and needle in my arm that makes you sensitive to light followed by a cold laser treatment, then a week later a steroid shot in the eye itself. I completed my third relapse in January of this year almost a year to the date of the first attack of the left eye. Each time I am reminded how the times we take for granted are so very much important to us.
While I have been giving account to an issue I am currently dealing with I do not want to put all the emphasis there. I wish to move on to a discussion on relationships and how the failure of many is directly related to either one or all parties involved taking the relationship or an individual for grated within the unit. I don’t believe I have ever met anyone who has committed to a relationship believing it was destined for failure. No, most enter stating that they are in it for the long haul. So what happens? It is my belief that in most cases over a period of time individuals within the relationship fall into a progression that causes them to expect certain actions within the relationship that causes them to take it for granted. We forget that because the people involved are living and evolving in the relationship that the relationship has in effect became a living organism that also needs care and feeding. By now, you know from my other posts that I believe that trust is the foundation that is reinforced by the communication or as it will the sharing of information within the relationship. In the beginning of a relationship there is time spent in the pursuit of the person one has the desire to be with. After the relationship has been established and commitments are made it is the pursuit that often times ends and this action is what I believe begins the progression that can cause the demise of the relationship. Often times it at this point the people begin to take for granted that the relationship is a done deal when in fact the things that helped to begin and grow the relationship has now stopped. As the life of the relationship evolves and children enter the picture this often time amplifies the issue because now there are more than one relationship to be maintained and it seems if the first has not been nurtured it begins to crumble and often times fails or is replaced by these new ones. In my humble opinion, if a relationship is to be maintained the pursuit must continue. Take time for “dates”; spend time nourishing the relationship without the company of those outside it. Communicate, communicate, and communicate, again speaking as well as more importantly listening. Take time for the basics of simply touching, making physical contact in a reassuring way. By doing so, trust also grows to new levels, which reinforces the relationship. What I am describing is essence is beyond emotional concept of love into the action of it. When trust communication along with the action of love is present the sexual side of a relationship is also intensified. This intensification when present is beyond words and description. To those struggling with a relationship or seeking a new one I challenge you to put these dynamics in place and see how they work for you.

As always take are of yourselves, each of you are special and unique.

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