Life and TImes  

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2/27/2006 8:50 pm

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Life and TImes

Today a friend at work told me that someone from my past had told him that to see where I am now and where/who I was 20 years ago is like the difference of night and day. They then told me that it is hard to believe that 20 years ago I was unapproachable and someone not to messed with. As I thought about this, it occurred to me the reality of what this person was saying. Twenty years ago I was angry, hunted and at one point the hunter. Even for me at times my past is a vague memory that resembles a bad dream. An abusive childhood, that set my coarse for the next 30 something years went unrealized for years. Life was a game of survival, with no goals like others seem to have. My goal was just to make my next birthday. Life was empty and lonely. People for the most part including my family, were burdens that was best left alone.

Today got me thinking of those days and where I am now. I am loved and know love. I have goals and plans for my life. I actually reach out to help people around me. It is like at this point someone, somewhere along the way replaced me with someone else. Don’t get me wrong while I am comfortable with who I am, to most I am still no prize. Some would say the passage of time has mellowed me but I choose to believe it was the realization that there is one thing that no one could ever take from me, and that was knowledge. So I set out to learn what whatever I could by watching and listening to other people. Not in a classroom setting but rather studying life as it played in front of me wherever I was. While I may not be educated by most people’s standards I have found that the school of hard knocks is an effective teacher. The common sense it teaches breaks life in to bite size packets of information that I can build the foundations of my life on. It is my belief that most will miss the simple things that life brings and I only hope that I can see what others may miss.

Take care and look for the beauty in life that others fail to see.

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