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2/23/2006 5:08 pm

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Ever hear people describe their relationship as a 50/50 partnership? I understand what they are trying to say but this statement makes me cringe when I hear it. In my mind I always wonder where the other 50% of those evolved effort is. I believe that in order for a relationship to last long term both parties must be putting a 100% effort into it. Anything else leaves room for failure. That being said, I will now make a statement that may seem to some to contradict what I have just said. It is also my belief that a person can give 100% into more than one relationship. How can I make a statement like that? Well remember my previous post on love and how there are differences in type of love? As a parent I am able to invest myself totally into the relation of each of them.

I believe that outside the family unit this idea still can exist as long as there are well-defined limits and boundaries. This applies to friendships as well as those who may be invited into a poly relationship. As always trust and communication is required for any relationship but in the poly the need is seriously amplified. Relationships based in love and built on trust with strong communication lines can exist and be successful and rewarding to those who wish to invest 100% of their efforts.And commit to the one's they love.

Take care and be true to yourselves the rest of the world is watching.

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2/23/2006 6:59 pm

We can testify to your basic point. It takes extraordinary communication and trust to make it work.

Hugs from us ...

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2/23/2006 10:41 pm

It is my belief as anything there some who this may more natural to. But again as in any relationship it does take a commentment from those involved to make it successful. Just as each person is unigue so is every relationship. It is my belief that relationships have there own personality shaped by those involved. I agree love does come easily to some but on the flip side so does the pain cause by love gone bad. Again boundies must be set and communication line opened to everone involved to keep those involved in a poly relationship "safe and protected" from such pain. Thanks for your question

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