What I Need...Part 2  

Gypsy329 47F
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4/10/2006 7:45 am

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5/26/2006 7:59 pm

What I Need...Part 2

I've received a few emails for guys here on AdultFriendFinder that I've once met or once thought I wanted to meet, stating how all they ever wanted to do is give me all the things I said I needed in yesterday's entry. My response: There must first be the proper CHEMISTRY for such intimacy to take place.

It's got me to wondering...Does anyone else out there believe in chemistry? When you meet someone new do you look for that certain spark that will start the fire to burning?

If ya don't believe in chemistry, what does it take for you to wanna get to know someone on a deeper more intimate level.

Now...don't misunderstand...I ain't talking about just fucking. I don't have to be much more than horny and attracted to a guy to fuck him. But that's not enough to make for a truly passionate experience.

Does chemistry take you time to develop...Or do ya think it should be instantaneous?

rm_hyperbrit2 77M

4/11/2006 6:41 am

I think chemistry is a "Soul Group" thing and is instantaneous although the intensity develops over time.The attraction is a kind of remembering from another life.Sounds weird I know and doesn't make any sense in our so-called rational world but then ,for some of us,our so called rational world isn't rational!!

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