Playing it safe  

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3/23/2006 5:15 pm

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Playing it safe

It was nearly 2 yrs ago, while living in New York, that I first discovered AdultFriendFinder. I was on the sight for about 18 months under the name NiceAndNassty. I met lots of guys and girls and had so much sex in the first few weeks that it almost made my head spin. I'll admit that I almost lost count of how many guys I'd fucked after a while. But who cares right??? As long as we always used condoms we didn't even have to remember each other's names as far as I'm concerned. Sometimes it's just easier that way because there's no chance of finding yourself having that "how many people are you screwing" conversation. If sex is all you're after then what difference does it make as long as we satisfy each other.

Now that's what I call really playing it safe. No names, no games.

Now, however, I'm living in a much smaller town and get less than 1/4 of the responses I once received. If I'm lucky, I may find one suitable partner after sifting through 80-100 emails. The thing is that within those 100 emails there's always more than a few maybe's. Until I check out the profile, that is. Then what do I see? Pics of them having unprotected sex. At that point, I'm always a little thrown off. Often I do find the pics to be a turn on because I love sex and am a bit of a voyer. The problem is that I don't have unprotected sex. Let me say that again, I DON'T HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX. I'd like toobut it's just not the smartest thing to do. Yet, here in the south, my new temporary home, I'm finding that people tend to be very complacent about the negative consequences that doing it raw can bring. I just learned that I'm living in a state that ranks in the top 5 in the nation for STDs and HIV.
It seems like I'll never get laid again! Everytime I think I'm about to it's like pulling teeth to get the guy to protect himself (and me). A few times I've gotten crafty and put the condom on with my mouth before penetration but that's not fool proof either because if he really doesn't want to use it then he'll wait until he's getting it from the back and just take the damn thing off.
THEN WHAT??? Kill him and try to get off with Justifiable Homicide.
People...We all wanna fuck and have a good time but most of us don't wanna die from it!!! You cannot take at face value that a man or a woman is being truthful when they say they're "clean". Don't be foolish. And if you're with someone who is insistant on not using a condom (for any reason) be leery...very leery and keep your eye on that bad boy to make sure it stays where it belongs and doesn't prematurely end up on the floor.

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