Looking for a late night cyber f*** III  

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5/27/2006 3:08 am

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Looking for a late night cyber f*** III

Wow...Two weeks have gone by since that night we first chatted, I thought to myslef.

I quickly examined hair and makeup in my MAC compact, tracing the outer curve of my round lips with my finger, making sure my lipstick was straight.

He'd become a somewhat regular part of my daily life. Not only had we'd exchanged pics but numbers, as well. Every morning I was momentarily awakened by my cell phone. He'd text me before he left for work to say "Good morning...I hope you have a beautiful day". It was so sweet, yet so cliche...and I needed every bit of it. On his lunch, he'd text again, sometimes he'd call, just to see how my day was going. And once he was home and had made himself comfortable, I'd always here the special IM alert I'd set just for him.

Normally, I'd have chalked him up to being a stalker and stopped taking his calls but he didn't seem to be crazed or psychotic. He was simply a romantic, a rare quality in the men I normally attract. Besides, with all the stalkers I've had I've learned to spot 'em from the first conversation. This guy was too cool for that... He'd never stalk a woman, it would cramp his sexy style.

I pushed my hair back behind my ears. I've been accused, many times, of hiding behind my hair. As I stretched out my arm to ring the bell the porch light suddenly came on. He opened the door smiling widely. So widely that he seemed, for a moment, to have more teeth than the average adult. Of course, only I would've thought such a thing. He wasn't quite AS hot as he appeared in his pics but still not a bad catch.

We talked like we'd known each other for years. He took the sweater I'd worn to keep me warm in the cool, night spring air. In the den, he'd layed out a blanket and created a sort of indoor picnic, except instead of sandwiches or chicken and potatoe salad, there was sushi from Ken's, and only the sweetest fruit I'd ever smelled. A bottle of Louis Jadot Pinot Noir was being chilled in the center, alongside a beautiful arrangement of Tiger lilies. I was in awe of all the little things he seemed to remeber from our chats. The flowers, the wine, the place he'd gotten the sushi-all my favorites. He sat on the blanket and began to pour our wine. As I knelt down beside him, he grabbed the remote and pressed play.

For hours after we ate, we lay cuddled together on the floor, watching my favorite horror movie classics. Our bodies molded into one another's, his arm wrapped snuggly around my waste. It seemed that I couldn't tell where I ended and he began. He nuzzled his face into my hair, his breath against my neck. I turned onto my back to look see his face, placing my hand on his cheek. Our eyes locked. He leaned down and placed a soft kiss on my lips, then slowly pulled back... He sat upright and shifted his weight uncomfortably.

He's nervous, I thought, how cute. I moved over to where he was now sitting staring into nothingness. "Something wrong?" I asked, sitting behind him, holding him with both arms, my hands resting on his strong chest. He stood to his feet, turned and took me by hands pulling me also to my feet.

"You're so beautiful" he said. "I want so badly to lay you down and kiss and caress your beautiful body. I want to see what you look like in the morning when all this make up is gone and your hair loses it's curl. I want to. But I can't."

I cocked my head to the side as if this would help me better understand what the hell was happening. "What?" I asked in a tone that almost disqualified it as a question. He simply repeated himself with different wording but no extra detail this time closing it with "I'm sorry...Good night".

I took my que without bothering to ask any questions. I retrieved my sweater from the hall closet and exited the house.

Since then, I've played the scene over and over and over in my over-analytical head but ya know what...
I still don't know what the fuck happened!

We spoke once after that day. He called to say that I'd left an earring. I told him I'd be back to get it. At least once a week, I go thru his neighborhood and drive past his place. Never do I stop, never do I call. I deleted his number from my phone and took him off ALL my buddy lists. Never do I expect to see this handsome stranger again... I am officially more jaded than before I'd met him.
I've now jumped on the bandwagon... I'm just looking for a late night cyber fuck.

End of the fuckin story...Dammit, lol.

SleekIcilyVarix 42M

5/27/2006 4:27 am

Yikes...I enjoy most mysteries but I don't envy yours. I hope your next story has a Happy Ending (tm).

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