After you get off...  

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4/22/2006 2:47 am

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After you get off...

By nature, I'm a very sensual and sexual woman... I love soft lighting (or candles), romantic music, slow dancing, kissing, touching and caressing.

For me, foreplay is extremely important... I like to take my time and enjoy every second of every moment. The feeling of hot flesh against flesh as our lips meet and our tongues dance the forbidden dance can bring me to orgasm sometimes more effectively than the actual act of having sex. There's something about the shared closeness...feeling my partners heart pounding against my own chest. Just thinking about it now is turning me on. Oh how I'd love to feel another body entwined with mine each and every night.

The problem is that, most of the time, when it's over...I don't want to even be touched... I'm just not capable of being truly affectionate towards anyone I don't love. I can kiss my daughter, father, mother...even a close friends or an ex that I still hold dear to my heart but...I won't kiss a man I'm simply screwing unless it's leading up to or during sex. The thought just makes me shudder and I feel like I'm gonna suffocate. Of course, I have kissed a lover after a night of passion but only because he leaned in expectedly. Normally though, I wanna throw my hand up between our lips and screech like a car coming to an abrupt halt.

Tonight I got a call from guy who wanted me to come over so he could "hold" me... Now, we ain't never had sex and I'm not currently planning on it. So, I was really taken aback by this offer. I declined, of course, but he just couldn't seem to understand. In not so many words he asked,What woman in her right mind doesn't just wanna be held? All I could do was apologize and tell him that I'm not the type.

See...I don't hold hands or do any public displays of affection. That means no kissing, hugging, cuddling or public that is.
Nope, none for me...Thanks but no thanks...I'll pass.

But now it's got me to wondering...Is there something wrong with me? Am I the only woman like this? I'm sure I can't be but every guy I've ever explained it to acts as if he's never heard of such foolishness. *GASP!*

Do all or most women like to be held after sex until ya fall fast asleep? What about the guys??? Huh, do ya like to wrap a woman up in your arms as you bask in the afterglow?

Or are some of ya "hands off" like me? If ya love the mushy stuff, how do ya feel when ya meet someone like me?
If you're not real big on affection, are there exceptions? Do ya become more receptive to it after you've known a person for a while? Do ya gotta warm up to 'em first?

Just thinking about this has given me a headache but I really want to know what everyone else thinks.

Sooo...Tell me...Just how affectionate are ya?

Now that it's after 4 am, i'm gonna go get real affectionate with my pillow...That's about all I like to hold at night...What about you?

digdug41 50M

4/22/2006 4:10 am

I can understand how ya feel i am the same wayif there are no real feelings there I aint with it either but you could change my mind as time goes along

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