Evolution Revolution  

GuitarLord 46M
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5/17/2005 2:24 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Evolution Revolution

I think these gosh darn christians need to lighten up.Gee wizz whats wrong with teaching evolution?Golly you think you guy's want everything.I'm sorry there are facts and then there is the world of fantasy.Hey I like the Lord of the rings as much as the next nerd,but damn I don't elevate it to the status of a religion.I like buddihist people, they seem nice.They don't kill everyone in sight who doesn't believe what they believe.You have your way with the t.v. radio and the goverment.We know how you achieve this power and it is not nice what you folks do to people.So please quit teaching kids made up stories about creation.You know it is a hill of beans and you know you are wrong so be a good christian and lay off people.Gee Wizz.Guitar Lord reporting in the drive thru line at mc dermonts cheez wizz factory.


DirtyLilSecret66 56F

5/17/2005 3:05 pm

You need to post on your door what I have posted:

Dear Jesus, Protect me from your followers.

Gets 'em every time.


1MetalSlut666 45F
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5/18/2005 2:37 am

Oh! Great GuitarLord and Lil! You guys are AWESOME!!!!!!! I need to have several of those signs! Those damn modern day jesus followers won't leave you alone!

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