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6/17/2006 11:12 am

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What Liv Wants

I'll tell ya what I don't want, anyways. I don't wanna feel I have to take on the role of your typical religious leader, just because of what's expected of me.

I don't want my life's work to limit me to one particualar stereotypical personality. Just because I preach a religion, I don't want people to feel I have to be perfect, or be confined to a specific sexual conduct, or need to speak in a particular tone, or should conduct myself in any manner, for that matter, which they feel is necessarily characteristic of someone who preaches about God. Hell, I don't even like the word "preaches."

I will get to the education system later, but for now I'll just say in brief, that although I am university educated, and my writing abilities are quite capable of meeting high academic standards, I personally choose not to meet these standards.

It seems to me that much effort is put forth in our post-secondary education systems of the world to to teach students how to write literature which must maintain a certain standards of Boooooooooooooringness, to be accepted as scholarly literature. In fact, If this were a graded essay, I would likely lose marks for all those "o"S

If Liv Inlavalova is about anything, and I'm about alot of things, it's about saying "Fuck You!"
You ain't tellin ME howta write, bitch!

Now that I am no longer a university student, I can convey my messages to people in any manner in which I see fit, without having to worry about failing a class, or receiving a boring scolding.

If there is anything wrong with our society, in my opinion, it's that we are far too boring. Our education systems teach us to be.

After people get out of university, and move onto their jobs, many of them virtually have no personality left whatsoever. They have to talk in a certain tone, and use a certain manner of speech when speaking to their employers and coworkers. It's Hell, I tell ya, HEEEELLL!!

The horror of it all, is that people often find that they have no choice but to conform to this incomprehensively overly boring mould, which the work environment inflicts on us. A person may have a really interesting character which they maintained all through their childhood, but they are coerced away from their OWN personality, in order to comply with the regulations necessary for gaining employment.

When they go in for an interview, they must put on an act, to impress the interviewer. Once hired, they are forced to maintain this sissy ass wuss personality. It's truly pathetic.

Anyways, since this isn't a job interview, you may find that I express myself the way "I" Want to, rather then what you would expect to see in your typical scholarly literature. Buncha buttoned up faggot stiffnecks, anyways. Fuck you. You Suck. I rule.

Anyways, probably the most important point I need to make in saying this, has to do with how people interpret what is intelligent literature. It is a pretty standard misconception that people who write with what is considered scholarly english, (that is that they use well spoken grammar, a wide vocabulary, elaborate explanations, and "proper English" all confined within a set of rules which is supposed to act as a guideline for what well mannered english is sposta be) that this means that their literature is intelligent.

I did a spoof on this once, on a speaker's corner session which probably never aired. After plunkin in my loony, I carried out what sounded to be very intellectual dialogue, using intellectual lingo, and large words(many of which were not even real words) and spoke in a british accent and highly sophisticated tone, as I carried out a long elaborate explanation of a whole bunch of CRAAAAAAAAAPPP!!! That is to say what I was actually saying made absolutely no sense at all, but I made it sound really smart.

The point I'm trying to make, is that most of what we are taught abou the english langueage is a whole lota crap! It's useless! People spend years to learn how to speak in a manner which in the end, the rest of the world can't understand anyways. Fourth year university textbooks are ridiculously stupid. They could explain it faaaaar better than but Noooooooo, they have to "sound" smart.

Often, people may read literature that is of a certain tone, with slang speech and alot of other fuckin crap, and assume that it isn't intelligent. I'd just like to point out that I personally prefer this writing style over that of which is taught in universities, and although I am capable of producing the latter, all I have to say is, "Fuck you Punk!"

Since, I am so strongly opposed to long blog entries, I will continue this discussion in tha next post...

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