Earning a Phony Master's Degree...  

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6/19/2006 9:43 am

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Earning a Phony Master's Degree...

Master! Master! Where's tha Dreams that I've been after??!

When I first told people what tha Dark Figure did to my head, no one could understand!

Tha Doctors couldn't understand.
Friends couldn't understand.
Family couldn't understand.

I guess I can't blame anyone for not understanding.

Only tha Dark Figure can Understand that.

He was tha one who thought it out.

To some degree I am able to look back and make sense of it.

That is, I can now see myself from the outside.

Still, no one can see all of it, but me.

If hospital reports still exist concerning my visit to Cariboo Memorial Hospital in summer 0f 92, I think it was, a person can have a vague description of how my head failed to...

It was the summer of Skitten and Dooper, I do believe.

I remember once crediting Dooper as being a Master of Puppets...

Now that I look back on how the events of that night unfolded, however, I can see a clearer picture from the outside...

I can remember exactly how he made his suggestion.

After I told him "Fuck you", I can see exactly where my head was weak, and how dooper manipulated tha scenario.

I can see exactly how he guided my thoughts.
I can see exactly how he triggered my spontanaeity.
I can see exactly how harmless he made it seem.
When I hesitated, I can see exactly how he coaxed me to go on.
I can see every button he pushed...

I bore all the guilt, for being incapable of thinking for myself.

Although I may have credited Dooper for earning a Master's Degree, in clear retrospect, and with a clear outside view of my mental condition at tha time, I now realize...

Puppeteering may be an acquired skill, but he's hardly worthy of a Master's Degree when the puppet is mentally incapable of finishing his thoughts.

I'm still willing to bet that most don't understand.

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