Saturday Penis talk..  

Gtrman247 46M
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12/3/2005 11:02 am

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Saturday Penis talk..

curve or not to curve what is the answer..

what is better a curved or not curved..

Personally I would think curved (in the right direction) could pleasure a woman move than straight.. I see curved dildos and curve glass dildos and the rubbered dildos than bends to give that curved shape. *(when needed)*
Normally a man should know where the g-spot is(of course different for each woman.) but generally speaking a male should give each position a try to find that *sweet spot* Wouldn't a curved penis find it quicker?...

I could be COMPLETELY WRONG! it is not like I am going to do a independent study on this. But I would like to hear/typea female prespective on this.

Thanks Gtrman247
audition for a band tonight wish me luck. need better income than 30k a year from the current band I am in! On top of my day job.

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