OOPS I Did It Again  

Grow2big 54M
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3/27/2006 3:05 pm

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6/10/2006 7:07 pm

OOPS I Did It Again

No I am not a Fan. Don't hate her. Just not a fan.
Well I just ran my mouth off on someone Else's Blog. Told how I 'really' feel. That's usually a mistake for me. BUT...It did inspire me to put down something here.
I have been to nearly every major city in the world. N.Y. L.A. Paris, London, Rome........
Nowhere, I will say it again NOWHERE is as sexy as New Orleans. It's hot sweaty sticky, honeysuckle sweet, steamy passion, shut the fuck up and kiss me urgent. The food, the music, the air, hell everything oozes sensuality. If you are human and sexually active you cannot come to N.O. and not be aroused. It's just different here. I'm not talking about the kids playin' Dr.crowd. (touch this, rub that, where's the lube?) I'm talkin' kick down the door and tear off the fuckin panties, leave teeth and claw marks sex. The movie Body Heat. Kathleen Turner and William Hurt. 'That' scene.
Romance, (remember that) mystery, the game. Rhett and Scarlett sex. All that seems to be a lost art. I remember it. I think I will revive it. Any Takers.

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bipolybabe 56F

3/27/2006 3:48 pm

I think what you're talking about above is passion, rather than love.

Tell me where Body Heat embodies love. Kathleen Turner fucks William Hurt and then fucks him over. Scarlett and Rhett fight, fuck and separate.

That's a romantic ideal of passion. Passion doesn't remain as far as I can tell.

I don't think you and I are that far off in what we are essentially looking for. I respect your ability be in the moment.

I'm a seeker. I like to understand, but I know that understanding it all is the booby prize. And not the real thing.

Love, true love that endures when you're old and dried up, is the real thing. But how the fuck do we find it? And, then how do we know when we've found it?


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bipolybabe 56F

3/27/2006 5:14 pm

Also, I'll be the first to admit that I think too damn much, particularly about sex and relationships. "Too much" meaning that it doesn't serve me particularly well in achieving my heart's desire.

And, how well is your approach serving you?


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Grow2big 54M
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3/27/2006 5:14 pm

Point taken. I am sure we agree in substance maybe not technique. Where does one find true love. Ah there's the rub. I submit that you don't find it. It finds you. You just have to be smart enough to realize it and unselfish enough to hang on to it.

rm_AnOddGirl 58F
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4/2/2006 11:46 am

Can that kind of passion still exist? Bogie/Bacall, Hepburn/Tracy?
I think we caught a glimpse with Pitt/Jolie in Mr and Mrs Smith.
Still can there be love at first sight. It hasn't happened to me since I was in my 20s and I'm still not sure it wasn't Lust at First Sight!


mangomamiCT 43F

4/4/2006 9:22 pm

Damn I am packing a bag ..........I miss the urgency of having to have it right now .......haven't been inspired in a long time

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