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Grow2big 54M
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3/15/2006 3:18 pm

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3/17/2006 4:39 am

Hot Sexy Body

Well I am offcially pissed. I sueing BowFlex. Three twenty minuet workouts a week for six weeks and they said I could have the hot sexy body I wanted. Well it's been over two fucking months now and Pam Anderson still won't return my calls.
Other news. I broke down and "did" one of the do my wife things last night. OMG! OK, I am going to to write this in guyspeak. We met a blah blah blah and she was wearing blah blah blah nice couple blah blah we had some drinks then left and went to blah blah blah. Sorry ladies I know you like details butttt here's what the guys want to get to. Ok we are there and it's on. I stared out slow 'cause she was scared to death. Lots of foreplay. I started telling her what to do and how to do it. She seemed to really like that ( Hey it's my thing). Entered her really slow and easy. Got the usual "easy, it's big, go slow" comments. As she adjusted to the size and relaxed I could fit more in. When I pull her legs up and hit bottom OMG. The look in her eyes was like something outa the excorsist. She went fucking nuts (the pun was intentional). I have seen reactions like this before but this one was through the roof. Well I keep her going for about 45 minutes to an hour in different positions and speeds/depths you know same ole same ole. Then give her old man the 'money shot' he asked for. This lady had a lot of pent up frustration. I don't know how many orgasms she had (the neighbors probably do). I was kinda glad I went. Although she asked me to meet her again (without hubby). That sounds like Drama and I more of a Comedy kinda guy. Not gonna happen. But hey I don't usually share the details of my encounters but this one was different.

I used to have a saying. It went,
I'm so hungry I could eat the crotch out of a dead horse.
Then I toured a plant where they made bologna and hotdogs.
I don't say that any more.

Next Time


rm_saintlianna 46F
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3/15/2006 4:46 pm

I wish I could make one of those comments.

rm_AnOddGirl 58F
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3/15/2006 5:08 pm

Oh my! I'm sure she will agree - wider is better!


bipolybabe 56F

3/15/2006 7:23 pm

Perhaps you need to Bowflex a different part of your body.


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