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4/6/2006 2:41 pm

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Copy Cat

Apparently I come up with some things that bear repeating from time to time. Came across some familiar sounding stuff last night cruising the Blogs. Had hoped I would not have to do this but evidently I got no choice. Here goes:
PLEASE, If you find something here that tickles your fancy please use it. However, I do ask that you acknowledge the source. All material is original and is the intellectual property of ME. It is protected by US copyright law. It can be a lot of hard work coming up with this goofy shit.
Hey there's two words I never thought I'd see together, intellectual and me.
Tonight's broadcast is the sole property of ME. Any other use of this broadcast, or it's descriptions whole or in part without express written consent from ME can constitute a violation of ....well you get the idea.

Another tip from Bubba and RayEarl
TIP 3. If yer at the Victoria's Secret a shoppin' for the little woman and a sexy little sumthin' catches yer eye but yer not real sure if ya need a small or XL. Always buy the XL. She can always 'take it in a stitch' if she needs to.

While we are at it
TIP 4. It is a romantic faux pas to buy yer girl that 'net effective carb' candy at the Walgreen's for Valentines day. Even if she does need it. I told her to be intellectually honest about it all. No deal. That deal there cost me a new pair of bowlin' shoes to make it right.

Note: I ran spell check on this and it got halfway through the Bubba and RayEarl part and said Fuck You and quit.

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bipolybabe 56F

4/12/2006 9:35 am

Yep, the XL will fit, but you'd get more pussy points for choosing the small and enclosing the receipt so she could discreetly go exchange it.


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