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6/20/2006 9:30 am

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Joined today

I am venturing out joining this site today to taste the potential. Mind you a trial try-out though no photo and no payment plan yet. Just want to see where this takes me.

You can always contact here but only if you can hold a conversation, enjoy a coffee and of course some direct possibly inept flirtatious remarks.

But enough about my poor social skills - the reality of joinging was also to test my reality of erotic relationship or more precisely could I find a friend who enjoys the same.

More than the usual vanilla lets get hot and sweaty - it is about teasing the mind not letting the hands do the walking but the voice at first. Progressing the adventure to teasing sensations whilst blindfolded. Allowing the mind to run and the sweat to roll.

Again that is just a taste of conversation we could have over a public or private blog or even breast to breast.

To give you a very slight insight about myself - I am a sucker when it comes to a woman wearing latex - Corsets - Boots - Gloves restraints etc. Without a word said my mind is already sweating. Aaaah many hours of play.

Anyway my day is over Ive completed another report for work (oh the boss will be happy) and I will fall into bed to begin another day of talking to people who think just talking about sex is weird.

Hoping to a day of good conversations.

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