Tar Mac & Ash Felt  

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8/20/2006 3:00 pm

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Tar Mac & Ash Felt

one could think like this: Its really amazing, we know we are allegedly one of the richest countries on the planet, yet we don't have one proper road in the whole country! I mean they are all shite, compared with any country on the continent, probably in the Solar system, maybe Somalia and Eritrea is giving us a run for the money, don't know never been there! Anybody ever taken the car outside this Island, knows it when they come back to shake rattle and roll! Council sprays "OIL" FFS on the road then throw on loose chips!!!!!!!!! now come on!!!!!!!!!! then they call it a surface!!!!!! haha OK..... I think in the 50s the rest of the Continent did that too, before they knew it did not work!!!!! ( oil/stones trying to brake when wet, forget it) But here...... oh its the way to go..... never mind that we have one of the highest number of people dying on the roads...... Its just so easy to blame the drivers, never mind that there are no roads!!! and official Speed on the road!!!! OMG that's even a worse circus!!! any bog road has an 80kph tag............ and the best wide straight road has a 100tag!!!! LOL ........ Lets face it.. its a Joke!!! and the laff is on us!!!!

amber3471 46F

8/20/2006 5:43 pm

Yes I agree and we pay motor tax why


rm_gata11459 59F
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8/26/2006 8:15 pm

lmao.. green? you gonna be the new andy rooney? xoxo k

Peace xxx K

Green_Fingers 60M

8/27/2006 1:37 pm

Who da feck is he, when he is home???? LOL

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