On Assets  

Green_Fingers 60M
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8/27/2006 1:51 pm
On Assets

Ok........ where do one begin on a waste subject like women's Rears???? OK Lets start at the end
women's Asses are a strange things....... most men love them..... they like em big now here is the crack about asses
Women, have a phobia with their Bums........ they try on clothes and the first thing they think is: Does this make my ass look big? LOL
Why don't they think: I hope my butt looks huge in this..... well, because they have no interest in pleasing us men, they only want to please other skimpy butt females... the feckin traitors!!!!
Well I could speak for ever on this subject, but I only make an ass of myself, so I'm not, something might just rear its ugly head before the end What ya all think on this bottom of the barrel subject!!!!

huggles29 40F

5/13/2007 4:45 pm

hmmmmmh a very belated reply but i think ur blogs spot on hehe !

Huggles xxxx

Huggles (((((((((hugs2u))))))))))))

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