Whenever and wherever, I'm ready and willing  

Greathands54 64M
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3/18/2006 2:22 pm
Whenever and wherever, I'm ready and willing

The when and the where of my next sexual adventure is irrelevant really, the important thing is to focus on what I'm going to do when it finally happens.

I have a lot of pent-up sexual desires, just waiting for the right partner and the right situation.

There are a lot of things I've experienced in my sexual life, more so in the 8 month tryst with my last lover...and surely there's lots more to be savored and enjoyed.

I'm pretty uninhibited - I may not have seen or done everything, but I'll dive in and participate once the initial shock or thrill wears off.

Discovering a new body up close is thrilling to me - the heat, the passion, skin on skin, the ebb and flow of our connected tangos. Age doesn’t really matter either, although I seem to attract mostly women in their late thirties to late forties.

I think curiosity, enthusiasm and a desire for pleasure is what they all have in common… The knowledge that we have permission to go wherever we want to go is what really counts. With knowledge and experience come trust. And complicity. And potential... Yum!

I have a long history with dancers and athletes, but basically, I just love the female form.

I don't have a burning desire for cock, but why not? Attached to a very female TG, it would be part of the picture, something new to be explored and enjoyed. I'd like to experience that.

I love being a switch - for me the unfettered exploration of body and mind is the ultimate freedom. Once I attain that state of exhilaration I’ll work and play hard just to stay there...

I love the sexual energy hovering in the air when my partner is really engaged and focused. A smell of arousal, the sweat of concentrated effort, the joy of being swept up in this wanton, sexual play. Man, I can hardly wait..., it’s just so visceral, such a basic desire.

Several people I correspond with lead a life I would like to live. Free in many senses - to live and experience all their desires, with people they trust and whose bodies and imaginations they enjoy.

Write to me, it would be lovely to meet…I'll pull out my cock jewelry and get dressed up for you...I'll stroke my hard cock and dive into your imagination ‒ you can dive into mine with great freedom if you will, and feel my hard cock, insistent, anxious to feel your lips, your pussy...

Yum! From afar you're all a great feast, a glorious mound of ripe fruit waiting to be tasted…
Ha! Isn't life grand!

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