The scent of you just drives me wild  

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3/20/2006 5:48 am

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The scent of you just drives me wild

I'm not one for hanging out in big crowds, and I'm
really in a headspace right now where costumes are an accessory.

I've already formed an image of you in my mind
that gets refined with every e-mail, the details clearer, the shape of you, my desire for you.

My connection to you is primarily through my hands. They're large, firm, soft,
with a hunger to discover the things that drive the desire in you...I want to
feel your flesh, feel that warmth give way, your smooth skin, pliant before my
touch and my intent....yummmm

What's your favourite part of your body?...
I especially love hips, to hold and
direct, to guide, and to ride..... I love pushing open your silky thighs, feeling my erect cock slide into your perfect pussy... leaning over your back to meet your lips - as I gather your hair in my hand and pull your head towards
me...your whole body cringes momentarily, and then you push back into me, dangling off the end of my cock where you know you long to be...

My pelvis molded to your divine ass, my knees inside yours, an easy fit, my fat
cock lying immobile in your lovely pussy, you pressed into the sheets with my
weight, leaning on one elbow, breathing in the scent of sweat along your back,
my hand gripping the curve of your neck, damp with work, and pleasure.... ah,
the scent of you just drives me wild.

Foreplay for a long time has been my cock stroking your pussy, just drinking in the heat, the liquid oneness of your centre, the muscles pulsing slowly

I close my eyes sometimes and become my cock, and read your desires through the walls of your lovely pussy.... We will dance, you and I, as I press you
up against the wall in the hall where you greeted me...skirt raised, my hands taking control of swaying thighs, matching your tango to mine, legs spread apart... and I will explore, until your delicious wetness flows, and your knees buckle in anticipation...

I have a visceral hunger growing for your body... I love the power exchange, giving in to my desires that rise from within...and taking control of's exhilarating, addictive.

Write to me, set my desires aflame...

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